Were fakes EVER made of the Olsen tote bag?

  1. Or would pretty much every single one out there be authentic?
  2. I don't think every single anything would be guaranteed authentic.
  3. fakes are probably made of everything... i would be careful. the same rule applies here as always: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. I recently read a blog entry that talked about how in Asia, any bag can be made to order if you bring enough pictures and dimension information. Def be very careful...
  5. If they know somebody will buy this bag over 2K grand then they will make it available on eBay.
  6. just reverberating.......anything can be faked.
  7. i think everything is faked, its sad =(
  8. Seen a fake beige/black combo version on eBay.
  9. I totally agree.
  10. Yes. I think someone posted a fake "Olsen" bag in the thread about fakes (see Chanel shopping subforum).
  11. Yes, I've seen a fake black one. :yucky: PLEASE be careful, and do have it authenticated in the Authenticate This Chanel thread (or Caroldiva, or My Poupette) if you see one.
  12. I've seen a fake of the black/beige combo as well.
  13. Eeks! That's so horrible! I think it's important to get your bags authenticated before buying them on ebay. It can be such a dangerous and vulnerable place!
  14. of course! even the fakes are faked.
  15. this is the 1st time i know that this bag was faked! and i saw that listing on ebay OMG, the leather is soooo stiff. it's so nothing compared to the real one!