Were Co-Workers Not Friends !!

  1. Which office mates/co-workers are you required to invite to your wedding?

    In case of a disliked manager or boss, Is it in your best interest to *suck it up and invite them *?
  2. I don't really think you're 'required' to invite anybody from your office. If you want to invite certain people from work, however, you might want to mail the invitations to them, and tell them to keep the wedding on the D.L. in the office.
  3. I would invite the ones that I was really close with. The others, I would apologize and tell them that I didn't have enough seats. It's my wedding I can invite who I want. I'm not going to tip toe around someone I can't stand (*cough cough* my boss *cough cough*) at my wedding that I've spent a small fortune on. I wouldn't expect them to invite me somewhere (it's not like they do anyway).
  4. At my work :smile: we all work in project teams. Usually people just stick to inviting the people which their own projects and then other people they've actually become friends with outside of work. And that's exactly what i'm planning on doing when i get married next year.
  5. personally i never ever mixed my private life with work life. i kept that seperated and so i would invite noone :shrugs:
    but that is mybe just me and maybe times have changed ?
  6. You're not required to invite any co-workers or bosses, especially if you're not friendly with them.

    I had to invite my CEO and bunch of directors, but that was because my mom knew them. If it wasn't for that, they wouldn't have been on my guestlist.

    My hubby invited his partner, assistant and his former assistant, but he had (and still has) a friendly relationship with them outside of work.
  7. I wouldn't invite coworkers... unless they are like your best friend and you hang out all the time O_O
  8. I didn't invite everyone in my department when I got married...but I invited a couple people I probably wouldn't have if we weren't coworkers. But it was easier than creating ill will in an office that I had to go back to after the honeymoon. I practically spend more time with my coworkers than my hubby. =D
  9. i only invited a couple of very close friends (with the understanding that we wouldn't discuss it at work) and had an informal brunch for the all the others (approx 30 or so)...it worked out very well...hope that helps!
  10. I invited one co-worker, who I had worked with for 5 years and at two different places. I had known her since she was 18. Since our wedding was very small and intimate, I didn't think it was necessary to invite anyone else. We only had 25 people and it was my second marraige. If I had a huge wedding, I probably would invite all my co-workers, so I think it depends on the situation.
  11. I would not invite co-workers. I keep my private life separate from work.

  12. :yes: totally agree!