Were classic signature wallets ever made in black/silver?

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently purchased a Coach purse that has both the classic and mini black/silver signature C's on it. I really would like to get a wallet that is in the black/silver classic C's, however the people at Coach were unable to confirm if wallets were ever made in this pattern. Have you ever seen an authentic wallet in this pattern?

    Here is one I Found on eBay (I've also made a post trying to autenticate it in the "Authenticate this..." form):
  2. If memory serves, back around 2001-2002, they had totes that you don't see hardly at all anymore, in that pattern. (I worked with a girl who had one). This was before the fakes were so prominent so I feel sure her bag was real. I also think they probably HAD a matching wallet in that pattern. I have the Soho Mini Sig Flap (the little "c"s) in that color scheme & also have the matching wallet. Mine was released in 2004.
  3. Thanks!

    Well, I bought it, so I really hope its real! The new purse I purchased has a strip of the white/silver mini C's, a white band, a dark silver band, and a light silver band, and then a strip of the white/silver classic C's on the top. I'm so glad to have the wallet matching the classic C's :smile: