Were Balenciaga bags ever advertised in magazines?

  1. I was going through my old In Style magazines (1999 till now) and noticed that there are NO ads for Balenciaga bags!!!! Were they ever advertised? I'm just curious! I'd love to see the ads if they ever had them!
  2. welp, if they were ads, i've never, ever seen one & i work in the biz :yes:
  3. I haven't seen any real ads. Just people carrying the bags.
  4. I wonder why they never had them? Maybe because the bags weren't readily available to everyone when they first came out? And then they became so popular with time that they were selling themselves? I am just curious to see how they would show them in ads...I bet they would be gorgeous!
  5. welp, i donno, but they seem to be doing just fine without it :yes:...once you start advertising something, it tends to become too commonplace & i think they're all about individuality & uniqueness :tender:
  6. I saw one ad for Balenciaga last season in Harpers Bazaar and it was three pages. The last page was the only one that featured the motorcycle bag. A model was holding up the city.
  7. ^I was just about to mention that one!
  8. never seen one ...
  9. Last year's ads were actually the first ads that featured Balenciaga bags in them. I'm not sure why they did that though; maybe to create even more of the "hard-to-get" mystique?!
  10. I read an article a while ago about this - basically, Ghesquiere just didn't have money for an advertising budget, so he gave the bags to stars & models who would be photographed wearing them, and got all the coverage he needed that way.
  11. The best advertsing came in the form of, give a celebrity a BBag and voila...everyone will see it on them and let "the buzz" begin: where? how? what? etc...It's a brilliant marketing strategy! The celebrity obsession is a guarantee a company's product will be sought after when everyone sees the photo. Remember Kate Moss with the black Classique First years ago? That's how I learned about them. I've seen a lot of pics over the years in various magazines with
    the BBag on the arm of a celebrity. It makes economical sense with regard to budget dollars for advertising.
  12. here's one from W i think. i took this with my phone .. sorry the pic is on the side.
  13. I have also seen the one posted by Nat attak in the French Vogue this winter. It was the last of a four pages ad showing clothes only.
  14. Wow, likeafeather, how long did that take? You must have had a lot of time to kill! :P :P :graucho: