WE'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!! w/SOME FRIENDS...sssssss

  1. :party: Hello My Favorite Choo Lovers

    I hope you all had a nice week and as you all know by now, I was off to Germany to celebrate my 15 year anniversary and to rescue my beloved Jungle Mahala;)

    It was a really nice trip and DH and I had a nice week (considering all the drama going on at home :hysteric: ) ate LOTS of good German food and DH was able to drink his favorite German beers ALL day and night:drinks:

    We did a bunch of typical tourist sights (we did a 16 day "ABC Tour" in 2002 for our 10 year anniversary - 8 countries, 28 cities on a bus :push:smile: Anyway, this one was a lot nicer since we did most of the sights on our own.

    BTW - an ABC Tour is what we named it, but it stands for "Another Big Church and Another Big Castle" We saw a billion of both the first trip!

    Anyway, here are the Sneaky Snake Bags:yahoo: The photos do not do them justice, but I will try to get some better ones this weekend. The gentleman in the background is my Dear Friend who is laughing at the insanity of his Crazy :lol: "American friend"

    I missed you all and it is great to be home. Now I just have to figure out how to care for my baby:choochoo:
    bags.jpg jungle.jpg jungle2.jpg bag1.jpg
  2. LOVE the bags!
  3. Again with the hyperventilation! Who is the second one for...huh, huh? Just kidding, I know who:choochoo::whistle::choochoo:. Did your friend really think you were crazy? Seems perfectly sane to me. Of course everything is relative.
  4. Congratulations Robyn and Jburgh!!!! The bags are absolutely beautiful! :love:

    Your trip sounds like it was much fun and I'm sure it was nice to get away unexpectedly for a bit. A spontaneous trip is surely the most fun! :yes:

    I know we've been kidding quite a bit about Mr. Mertz, but I just want to say that I think he must be about the most amazing DH in all the land. He is obviously a fantastic sport and a really great guy to have gone along with your adventure that was instigated by the love of a handbag! :choochoo:

    And the ABC tour....that made me LOL!!!!! :roflmfao:

    Again, welcome home....you were missed and I am SO happy for you that you are finally in possesion of the bag of your dreams!
  5. Wow, in pictures the bags look stunning I can just imagine in person, congrats on both 15yrs of marriage & your JC! :tup:
  6. :ty: Ladies

    Jburgh I love your little "wishlist" at the bottom of your signature :sneaky: Michael thought it was pretty humorous, but he is such a sweetie. It is funny how interpretations can be so off when you are dealing with different languages and cultures:shrugs: He seemed relieved that his SO was not into JC bags:sweatdrop:

    You are right Stinkerbelle, Mr. Mertz was/is a Great sport and is a wonderful partner (especially when German beer is involved) Fortunately his love for electronics and technology is about as strong as my love for shopping:yahoo: He has this AWESOME Nikon D200 camera and I tried to post a photo of one of those ABC's, but even after 3 attempts to scale the photo down, it was still too big to upload. I just keep pushing him towards more accessories and toys for baby (to justify the next bag :blush:)

    You are right Nana the bag is just such a masterpiece IRL and I am even more amazed my DH has put up with me for 15+ years :shrugs: I'm not sure why he does, but I am grateful :tender:
  7. I keep coming back to look at those bags. They are fabulous and very much worth the trouble!
    I'm so proud of you girls for being so determined to be snake charmers! hehe
  8. hi sweet robyn! :heart:'m so glad you are home! :yahoo:missed you :girlsigh:and your new babies are BEAUTIFUL! :love::drool:so glad you had fun and brought back some special goodies!:tup:
  9. You know, I just looked at the pictures again, too, and got the goosebumps. Then I motioned the DH over to see them. His total lack of enthusiam and interest baffles me, lol.
  10. TOOO funny!

    It would baffle me too. But I bet he has heard MUCH about those long awaited bags. He's probably bored with the topic by now. lol
  11. where in Germany were you?? Vlad and I are going soon! I have missed Germany!

    Love your new additions!!!!!! :heart:
  12. Robyn - congrats on your anniversary and your new Choos. Did customs give you a hard time and were you able to carry them on the plane?
  13. Thank you Megs:flowers: ( I :heart: you new baby too:drool: )

    We spent the majority of time in Munich, but also spent a day in Salzburg and a day at the Neuschwanstein Castle & Linderhof Castle a couple of hours outside of Munich. Where and when will you be going? I hope you have a wonderful time:yahoo:

    Starbuxxx Customs did not even look twice at my bags :shrugs: They were more interested in whether we were bringing alcohol or tobacco into the country. I did have several ladies (including a TSA screener) comment on the beauty of the bags:yes:
  14. You know.....the more I look at Robyn's photos the more I'm struck by one thought.

    There are a LOT of things that go on in hotel rooms all over the world, but I'll bet an International purse exchange is not something you see everyday! :upsidedown:
  15. Jungle Mahala sends greetings from rainy, snowy Finland to her American
    cousins. Glad you made it home safely. Don't mind the lack of male admiration, the admiration from the same sex will make up for it (seems to be a worldwide phenomenon..)