Were are ALL the Mens Bags and accessories ???

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  1. Hi !!!, does anyone have any pics/info on any of the new mens bags/accessories because I just cant find any anywhere. It seems like LV is leaving us out LOL haha

    TIA :tup:
  2. ^^ good luck I asked the same question in other threads but I didn't get any reply hehe
  3. ^
    Most of the show collection is out already (only anthracite to go).

    What's missing is new pieces of damier geatn, utah and taiga, but pictures and price references can be found readily in the reference library.
  4. I wonder when they will show up in www.vuitton.com
  5. i wonder why guys line always so limited :sad:.... sumtime it doesnt catch my attention.... but not bad for the current fall design.... they should come out more!!!! and add speedy 40 and lockit in men's line too :tup: that would be great!!!
  6. ^^^do you have a cabas alto there in your avatar pic??? looks nice!
  7. thanks Antonio Loredo:smile: its cabas mezzo :yes: i wish i can get the cabas alto which had been discontinue ...:sad:
  8. [​IMG]
    r u guys looking for that pic? i hope im right by posting it =p

    well i guess i have to agree with some that this season is soo boring for mens. i am waiting for the anthracite mono bequia now and thats like my last hope or i wont be getting anything fr Lv this season (as if...).

    ps: i am more excited for my sister's mirage speedy to arrive!!
  9. thanks for postin the pic arman982...:yes: i like the mini grimaud anthracite & the miror belt woohoo...:yahoo:
  10. when was the last time you checked the LV website? the men's F/W 2007 bags have been up for at least a couple of weeks now.
  11. I got the anthracite porte document vertical during the weekend but tried to post pics up yesterday but it was sooooo slow to upload so I gave up. I saw the Anthracite Geant too but will leave that till Paris to get it. The PDV is quite huge but somehow I thought it would be better. Now I am curious how the Bordeaux looked like. :smile:
  12. i cant wait to see ur pixx! i was in the store last week and i saw tht exact same bag but am still thinking abt it now. i hav to agree w u i cant wait to see the bordeaux too!!anyway, congrats on ur purchase!
  13. ^^ I have seen the bordeaux and it is stunning...LOVE it in the porte document vertical:heart:
  14. I saw the PDV in Bequia Bordeaux and I'd have to say that the colour is sooo rich and lovely but the thought of it getting scratched just breaks my heart. Also it looked more structured than the Mono Bequias.

    Somehow I would have preferred if the Mono Bequias were more structured and did not feel so flimsy/fold as much. On the middle sides of the PDV, there is a very unsual folding on both sides front and back which I do not know whether it is because of the handles meeting the canvas (design) or is it just not well done or maybe it is because of the extra canvas flap on the bottom for the zip expansion which is causing the fold. Wierd.
  15. I remembered you mentioned you saw the bordeaux mono bequia pdv before about 2 weeks ago, I meant to ask you how that looked. The anthracite is to be launched this Saturday.