Were any of you eating a Baja fresh today with your Carly on the table?

handbag helen

Dec 5, 2006
Do any of you ever see anyone with the same exact bag as you? I did today, khaki/saddle carly. I was going into another store and passed by the baja and noticed it.


Loves Mr. Turtle!!
Mar 24, 2007
Aston, Pennsylvania
I haven't seen anybody with it yet. I have the demi which I don't think many have. Seems like everybody gravitates more towards the medium or large. I see a lot of people with the soho bags now though, I spotted six of them when I was working at the hair salon the other day.


Oh it is love....
May 13, 2007
funny but i've actually seen people with my same bag in a diffrent color, or in the smaller version, like my spring 07 scribble tote... but today some girl at school had a carly demi, now i don't have opne, but i've never seen anyone with a carly at all, i was staring at it all the way down the hall! :amazed:

Rainbow 06

Sep 26, 2006
Do any of you ever see anyone with the same exact bag as you? Sorry I erased you part of the quote...I did yesterday before I broke my toe...long story..I was sitting in my closet at dinner time.. trying to reorganize my shoes that my puppy dragged ouf of the closet, so I asked DH to grab the pup and he stood right on my toe...WOW what pain. It is indeed fractured. No closed shoes for me now. This is the 4th toe I fractured in two years. Once dropped a Thanksgiving platter straight down on three toes and did them all...Anyway...he felt simply awful and I got dinner and ice and attention instead of the paper....Back to the store. Earlier in the day, I did see a khaki/gold Carly walikng into Target and one in Marshalls, also medium gold/Khaki. The girl in Marshalls was dressed so darn cute that I have to tell you guys. Beige Safari jacket, almost to the knee, brown leggings, multi colored sandals with greens gold, tan and browns. So pretty. from Nordstom. I got the whole scoop that she had a black leather legacy shoulder bag and it was heavy for her shopping. She was very well coodinated. We were in the shoe isle with the same bag, so we could not help but talk....That Carly seens to be all over here, plus the signatures and leather soho's....and patchworks from the winter. .....


Apr 18, 2007
I saw a girl with a black large leather carly going into Babies R Us the other day. That's the closest to the same bag i've seen so far (I have the med. black sig).


But it was on sale!
Mar 9, 2007
South Jersey
I haven't seen anyone with my exact bag (black Ali). I've seen a couple of Carly's around. Once I saw one which was all dirty and beat up, it was so sad! :sad: To be honest, most of what I see around here are fakes. I have seen a few real ones-a soho flap, a signature stripe demi, and lots of small style purses that I see the girls in the middle school carrying when I teach there.

The fakes just kill me. Twice now I've complimented people on their bag and either heard "oh I got this from a purse party" or "Oh, it's fake!" Gah....can you imagine not only carrying a fake, but being proud of it?! :wtf:

Once I did see the new chocolate cotton signature satchel on a woman, definitely real and quite gorgeous....and I told her so!