Were any of you eating a Baja fresh today with your Carly on the table?

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  1. Do any of you ever see anyone with the same exact bag as you? I did today, khaki/saddle carly. I was going into another store and passed by the baja and noticed it.
  2. I haven't seen anybody with it yet. I have the demi which I don't think many have. Seems like everybody gravitates more towards the medium or large. I see a lot of people with the soho bags now though, I spotted six of them when I was working at the hair salon the other day.
  3. funny but i've actually seen people with my same bag in a diffrent color, or in the smaller version, like my spring 07 scribble tote... but today some girl at school had a carly demi, now i don't have opne, but i've never seen anyone with a carly at all, i was staring at it all the way down the hall! :amazed:
  5. I saw a girl with a black large leather carly going into Babies R Us the other day. That's the closest to the same bag i've seen so far (I have the med. black sig).
  6. I haven't seen anyone with my exact bag (black Ali). I've seen a couple of Carly's around. Once I saw one which was all dirty and beat up, it was so sad! :sad: To be honest, most of what I see around here are fakes. I have seen a few real ones-a soho flap, a signature stripe demi, and lots of small style purses that I see the girls in the middle school carrying when I teach there.

    The fakes just kill me. Twice now I've complimented people on their bag and either heard "oh I got this from a purse party" or "Oh, it's fake!" Gah....can you imagine not only carrying a fake, but being proud of it?! :wtf:

    Once I did see the new chocolate cotton signature satchel on a woman, definitely real and quite gorgeous....and I told her so!