We're almost halfway through 2007...

  1. So hows it going with the LV puchasing/budgeting so far? Have you bought more or less than expected?

    Me, I was planning to only buy 2-3 LV bags this year. So much for that! :rolleyes:

    We're only halfway through the year and I've already bought:

    3 LV bags:
    Pomme Roxbury Drive
    Azur Speedy 25
    Brown Antigua Cabas MM

    2 LV accessories:
    Azur mini pochette
    Pomme Koala Wallet

    And one Hermes bag, a Cyclamen Evelyne PM.

    So I've bought a bit more than planned because I still plan on getting an epi bag before the end of the year.

    So what have you bought so far and is it more or fewer bags than planned? :nuts:
  2. all bags ive pretty much bought arent LV but i still want to post !

    gucci new britt
    lacoste terry beach tote
    juicy sailor daydreamer
    coach patchwork carly

    coach gladiators
    coach watercolor tennies
    coach patent wedges
    lv inclusion transparent pm

    i think thats it i still have all of my shopping list (in my sig) to get and i plan on getting all that by october 20th !
  3. So far, I have a mixture of LV and Gucci.

    NF MM
    Fleur Multicolore keychain
    Azur mini pochette
    Amarante cles
    Damier Speedy 30
    LVOE phone charm

    Collapsible duffle
    Peggy large shoulder bag with braided straps

    A ring...but i forgot what line it was...it's just like with little pink little pearl-like beads

    I think I still have some more..but can't remmeber on top of my head now..

    What i'm planning to get for the coming half-year will be all LV!!!!! WOOHOO
    -Proabably a Epi lockit
    - Epi Noe / speedy 25 (in new purple)
    - Cruise Speedy/ marina PM
    And whatever it still on my signature column..:wtf:

    So ya...I'll be super broke by the end of this year....
  4. this is actually the first year i get to nuts (since i'm living on my own now). unfortunately, i LOVE fall/winter colors so this season is going to be killer on my bank account.

    so far i've purchased:
    white MC speedy
    monogram pochette wallet

    upcoming buys:
    degrade/mirage speedy
    motard pochette
    amarante reade pm
    denim neo cabby
    damier sophie
    damier trevi or mono palermo
    cruise mini lin speedy

    eeep so much!!!!
  5. What does NF stand for?
  6. neverfull i believe

    and i forgot my coach patchwork flats !
  7. LV:
    -Alhambra Sunglasses
    -Pocket Crew Tee [first RTW piece]
    -Monogram Canvas Widescreen iPod Case
    -Suhali Cles
    -Suhali Double Coiled Bracelet
    -Cerises Cles

    D & G:
    -2 tees

    -Overshines 2
  8. 6 LV bags:
    Azur Pochette
    Segur PM
    Illovo PM
    Mini Lin Speedy
    Trapeze PM
    Besace Mary Kate

    5 LV accessories:
    Pomme d'Amour Cles
    Damier zipped compact wallet
    rose Inclusion bracelet PM
    Obsession sunnies
    Mono mini pochette

    Upcoming purchases:
    Love 2 tote
    silver sweet mono ring
    Beverly MM
    undecided between Aurelia MM and Passy PM

    Wayyy more than planned...
  9. Was your lilac epi pochette from this year too?
  10. Oops, yes, forgot that.

  11. ummm more than expected. as of so far i have bought all that's listed as acquired on my wishlist, and there's only about 2 or 3 items remaining on the "to get" list that i probably won't get until early next year cuz they won't be out till then! lol i've gone crazy, so far this year has been my craziest yet, and it's def. cuz of this forum. lolll.

    remaining i still want a damier duomo (or berkley, i'd have to see it irl before i decide), an epi lockit (which will be my first epi piece!), suhali le precieux in white, and an ebene mini lin bucket. those are the bags left for 2007 that i'm gonna want. accessories i want a damier change purse (yes that tiny little thing lol), a koala bracelet, and maybe an amarante cles but i may wait to find out what the new vernis color is going to be to buy a cles in that. early 2007 will hopefully bring a damier azur hampstead and a damier azur koala wallet :biggrin:

    i'm outta control! haha.
  12. Oh my, well I've been here a little over 5 mos. and pretty much everything I have posted on this forum, I have gotten in 2007. My obsession has gotten quite bad but I'm taking a big break after *crosses fingers* miroir lockit. Here's the list:

    Mini Lin Samur
    Damier Azur Speedy 30
    Pomme Roxbury Drive
    Fuschia Neo Speedy
    Neverfull PM
    Epi Bowling Montaigne PM
    LV Cup Artimon (for DH)

    Taiga wallet (DH)
    pomme koala

    red epi
    framboise vernis

    pomme vernis
    pearle vernis
    amarante vernis
    framboise vernis
    denim (for DH)
    white MC

    LV cup sunglasses (DH)
    lvoe earrings
    Lv cup necklace (DH)
    pomme inclusion barrette
    pomme inclusion keyring
    pomme incusion bracelet
    amarante inclusion keyring
    MC fleurs keyring
    LVOE scarf
    trunks & bags mini pochette
    white MC pochette
    Ipod case

    Other Brands:

    Armani: watch (DH), sunglasses (DH)
    Gucci: sunglasses, sandals, shoes (DH)
    Dior: sunglasses
    Prada: sandals (DH)
    Emilio Pucci: scarf, makeup brush, makeup trio
    Coach: 2 wristlets, 2 pair shoes, one scarf
    Michael Kors: watch

    I do believe that is it. If I forgot anything I'll repost later.
  13. ^^ W..o..w...
  14. I have bought:
    2 pairs of strappy heels
    1 top
    A pair of raspberry bubble earrings
    Denim cruise collection mini pleaty

    Still thinking of buying:
    A wallet in azur/pomme/amarante
  15. Ooh, did you get Dune or Ebene? Did you happen to post any modeling pics?

    What colour miroir lockit are you getting?