Were 70's/80's bags made differently from current bags?

  1. I keep reading about little disappointments -- locks tarnishing, etc. (This is not unique to the LV forum -- there are plenty of gripes about chips on the Paddy locks too).

    I'm wondering -- for any of you who might have an LV from the 70's, or 80's or earlier -- were these bags made differently? Different canvas or leather? Anything different? Is a Malletier better / worse than a current model?

    Opinions, please . . .
  2. I love vintage LV, especially the ones made by the French Company for the US domestic market. The Monogram Canvas appears to be the same but the leather used was treated - no naked vachetta and can be carried in the rain. The Speedys has a tuck lock with a tiny key. They were also made with two pieces of canvas joined by a leather strip on the bottom so that the monogram is upright on both sides. No pockets or d-rings inside. No date codes, just a paper tyvek-like tag inside that states MANUFACTURED IN THE USA UNDER SPECIAL LICENSE TO THE FRENCH CO. Here is a pic of my babies:
  3. Love your vintage speedies addictedtolv. The lock is really interesting.
  4. I have just one from the late 80s..it's a Speedy 30 but I wouldn't know if it was made any differently. It's still in great shape though..I think there might be a small crack in the canvas on one of the corners but for a 17 year old bag, it's still gorgeous!
  5. Here's the one I was referring to..it's 17 years old. Not stuffed with anything, obviously hehe since I do still use it.
  6. AddictedToLv ~ Such Beautiful Bags....They Are In Such Fabulous Condition.

    Lvbabydoll ~ You Also Have Such A Fabulous Piece. Look At The Vachetta On The Sides & Where The Handles Are Stitched....Looks Barely Used

    You Both Take Such Great Care Of Your Bags!
  7. Thanks! My mom actually carried that bag EVERY day for at least 7 years, rain and all. This was the bag that got me into LV...this long and it's still so nice!
  8. Hey girl!! Do you have a piece from the perfo line? I know you have so many cute LV items but I dont recall something from the hole-punch line:yes:
  9. Lol, you know it! I have the green pochette and my mom has the fuchsia musette that I got her for Mother's Day.

  10. Beautiful bags! Hope the ones we're buying now will look as good in 17 years or more!
  11. I love vintage bags! Mine have held up well. I think most of the vintage bags use solid brass. Do you know what year they started to use the brass-plate?
  12. Thank you! Unfortunately, most of these bags no longer have the keys as they were so tiny and easy to lose. Fortunately, French Luggage can replace the lock for about 20US but I haven't got around to doing it as I don't see a need to lock my bags!
  13. I think the answer would be YES! Back in the 70s/80s the demand for the product wasn't as high as it is now and quality control was prob. better. JMO.

  14. Thank you! Both bags are in mint condition and I work hard to keep them that way - but I still take them out in the rain! If the handles do eventually wear, the replacement cost for them from French Luggage is about 40US - a lot less than replacing vachetta handles and the color will look almost identical to the rest of the leather.
  15. My Speedy 25 was made in 83 and it is LOVELY! 23 years old and better than new. I think every LV I will buy in the future will be "pre-loved".