Wentworth Miller

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  1. i think he's such a hottie too :drool:
    the reason i bought the prison break dvd LOL
  2. Arent' there rumors he's gay. They've been circulating for a LONG time!
  3. oh know, I just saw a picture of him and his "girlfriend" this morning while I was searching him.
  4. Yes, he is totally hot!
  5. i think he's hott..and have heard of those gay rumors...i wonder if it's true? who's his "GF"?? i wanna see!

    anyway he's still hott!
  6. He's so hot!:drool:
  7. He is such a hottie! Hey do you guys remember the music video he was in? I can't remember who the female singer was but all I remember was his fine self in that video :smile:
  8. ^^It was Mariah Carey...We Belong Together!

    I :heart: him! Sooooo Hot!
  9. ^^wasn't it a Mariah Carey song?

    I agree he is sooo hot! This is my favorite picture of him:


    ETA: What?? There are rumors he's gay??
  10. Hehe we posted at the same time! I didn't remember the song though :smile:
  11. I fell head over hell over him watching Prsion Break!! Not to mention that show is awesome! :love::heart:
  12. I heard too that there were rumors he was gay. I think what promoted them was at the time he refused to comment... this may have fueled the rumors.... I think he was saying he didn't want to isolate any of his fans?? (not sure - this was awhile ago)
  13. I can't wait for the next season starting on 9/1, i hope it's not the last season though :crybaby:

    I don't believe him to be gay......... he said that he had a huge crush on angie harmon.

    I fell in love with him the minute i saw mariah's mv...... ..he's gorgeous!
  14. Wow! ... That's all. LOL