Wentworth Miller Checking Himself Out.....@....... KINKOS !!

  1. Oh, c'mon, admit it -- you've Googled yourself when no one was looking. So, it's no surprise that even an A-list celeb like Wentworth Miller was spotted at an L.A. Kinkos checking himself out on the web. He should just consider himself lucky that he wasn't caught cruising Manhunt.net
    went1.jpg went2.jpg
  2. HA HA HA Some celebs are so full of themselves, Where's Ben Bratt??!!!
    He's hot and down to earth (never met him but I'm imagining!)
  3. :Push: :Push: :roflmfao: Too funny!
  4. The first pic looks like it could be a scene from Prison Break. LOL!
  5. :roflmfao:

    he's so HOT :drool: :love: but its SO funny! hehehehe!
  6. hahaha! nice.
  7. Is that why he went to Kinkos???? lol
  8. :roflmfao: He´s so cute

  9. his hot...but his no A-lister....far from it...
  10. aww, I'm such a huge Wentworth/ Prison Break fan. He is one of my favorite actors. I read he was at some computer lab in LA.. and he was checking out some stuff about PB and the hiatus that leaves the first half of season 2 ending on Nov. 27th, and picking up in 2007... poor guy can't even go on a computer without getting pictures taken. I love him in interviews,, he seems so sweet and down to earth!!! :yes: Prison Break was soo good tonight!! Torontoist: A Dose Of Ego
  11. EVERYBODY Googles themselves, including me. But in public? lol
  12. lol, i guess he had nothing else better to do...:lol:
  13. Lol that's funny :biggrin:
  14. He should just consider himself lucky that he wasn't caught cruising Manhunt.net[/quote]

  15. At least he got a result, when I google my name there are NO matches :sad: