Went to woodbury commons, bought one bag, got overcharged!!!

  1. So i went to woodbury commons today!!! only got to go tot he coach store (spent 2 hours there)

    there were many bags i wanted to buy, one of them was a beautiful suede light blue and brown bag for $191 OMG to DIE For! but sued is not for me.. so i got this scarf print hobo!!! for 152+tax... or so I thought!!! I was not paying attention to what was going on (my boyfreind was sick and I was comforting him)

    when i get home and look at my receipt, it says 167+tax!! i am soooo madddddddd... the tag says 189.99 and everything was 20% off!!! :cursing:

    i dont live near the store so to make the trip back is annoying!! but it s so beautiful anyway!!


    they have a couple on eBay for cheaper but i will watch the auctions and see how it goes!

    overall there werent many bags i liked over there :sad:
  2. That's a beautiful bag!! Do you think it will be hard to keep clean??
  3. i m going to scotchguard it and pray for the best! i dont think it would be so hard to clean... the bags you KNOW are gonna get dirty already are dirty! at the factory outlet anyway..
  4. That's a super nice bag, and still a great deal.
    The factory stores do that a lot. I know how it is though having distractions (I all too often have to stop in with my 3-year-old). But I always check my receipt before driving away. Such a bummer - $15 is worth a cell phone lanyard or charm at an outlet!
  5. i no!!!! :'(
  6. Thats a bummer that happened to you, but I have to say that is one adorable bag. I want it!!! Im visiting the bay area right now. Can anyone tell me if there is a Coach outlet near by??
  7. what is the bay area?

  8. San Francisco CA. ;)
  9. :yes:
  10. I havet that bag with the pink scarf. I clean it with baby wipes and it looks great. It's one of my faves!! I think it's still a good buy. I got it at the boutique for I don't know how much. It's one of those bags that made me run to the store at 8pm while the mall closes at 9 and I live 1/2 plus away...obsessed!!! :supacool:
  11. that' sucks you got overcharged but that bag is sooo gorgeous!
  12. aw im sorry but still its beautiful i keep thinking i want a scarf print bag but i dunno i really like the leather and dont like that fabric costs more! but @ the outlet thats awsome :smile:
    if it was worth the drive to get that one bag i would go but i just cant justify it!

    Can we see it on you!?!?! :smile:

    btw i just wanted to share this cause i think its funny :smile:
    when me and my friend went there like a month ago i took this picture and just found it in my camera

  13. ranskimmie - there are several in this area - i am in San Jose and the closest to me is Gilroy and it's pretty good. I hear there is a really good one in Petaluma also and that one has signature as well.
  14. Great colors.
  15. i know! they also had some pink/brown ones but they arent as nice as the blue.. i dont like the new scarf print they have now!

    help!!slush!! i wish i had a car! the only reason i got to go is because my boyfriend and his friend were heading to the next exit to go visit his uncle.. i dont think i ll get a chance anytime soon