Went to Vuitton in Saks...left without buying :(

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  1. I was pre-shopping for my birthday today. I now have a good list going. I am so in love with the insolite wallet with pink interior, the monogram idylle in fusain, The Trevi pm and an inclusion ring!! It was so hard not to buy...I was dying inside, but have to say I am so proud of how strong I am! :P My hands were shaking though by the time I left. Funny thing was...I was educating the new SA. She was adorable and happy to learn.
  2. wow. i am proud of you. that is SO difficult to do. happy early birthday!
  3. Good will power! Hang in there for your birthday goodies!
  4. Thanks for all your support! Not sure if I can make it. I am plotting my return for the ring at least... or a slg!! :smile: I will try to make it though....lol! Birthday is only a few more weeks.

  5. Thanks...but I feel obsessive now.
  6. how long until your birthday?
  7. longer than I realized...about four weeks.
  8. LOL:P Hang in there 4 weeks will fly by. I know you'll be obsessing about it and I do the same. Sometimes Ill be driving and thinking about a bag I want and get home and forgot the whole trip:nuts:! I'll be in a panic trying to remember if I ran a red light or something!
  9. yes it is hard to not buy so I only go when I plan on buying.
  10. I know how you feel! My birthday on the 10th and i have a list also.... Got to be strong next week when I go to pick up my replacement Galliera!
  11. Wow 0.0
    I'm so proud of you!! I know myself that I could never do that lol
    That's the only reason that keep me away from LV stores unless I really know what I want :wondering
  12. My birthday is on the 16th, the wait has been killing me too!

    Stay strong, birthday LV is the best! :smile:
  13. hang in there, it'll be fun going back to get all your lv bday gifts!
  14. I appreciate all the votes of confidence.:kiss:
  15. You're getting ALL of them??! Lucky girl! :woohoo: