Went to visit Chloes tonught at Nordies and NM....

  1. NM had a chocolate Betty. Loved the bag style but the chocolate color was not the same as the Paddy chocolate color. It was lighter, more of a milk chocolate. Maybe cuz the leather is different? I was disappointed cuz the Paddy chocolate shade is TDF.

    Comparing Paddys to Bettys I am thinking maybe a Paddy is a better choice. The leather is nicer and the look is more unique. Botkier has a bag out right now that is similar to the Betty.

    Nordies had a decent selection of Paddys. They had a cream color one that was sooo nice (can't recall the name rt now). They had one in burnt orange but the leather looked stiff. Does it soften up with use?

    Hmmm....now I gotta decide on color....
  2. Im sure the leather will soften with use but if you can wait Im sure you'll find the absolute perfect leather your looking for. It took me a while but I found the most georgeous chocolate paddy today at a great price so I had to make it mine.
  3. and where did you do that??? at a store or through a 'private' sale?
  4. which Nordies were you at? I am curious about the cream color. Thanks!!
  5. KoP, PA
  6. I have both. The leather definitely gets softer w/ use. I think some colors are better for the paddy and some colors are better for the betty. Plus they are two completely different styles.