Went to Vegas... came back with Chanel

  1. So heres the deal, my uncle was in Vegas showing some relatives around who had never been. My room mate and I have been wanting to go out there for a while and have been planning a trip. Well last night after my last class for the week, spur of the moment, we decided to go to Vegas with a friend from school. We booked the cheapest room we could find and drove there. Well earlier today while at the Wynn buffet I started to feel sick (not because of the food, the buffet and atmosphere was fabulous!). All i wanted to do was lay down and go back to my car... well after getting lost for 10 mins around the hotel there was the vision of beauty, the Chanel boutique. I have been in chanel departments in Saks but it didn't prepare me for the boutique ....I almost keeled over. Well as soon as I stepped in I felt so much better and proceded to walk around. Finally this nice SA came and asked if I needed help (no one wanted to help me cause I'm 19 with two college boys, wearing jeans, which was rude of them). I wanted to buy something but I didn't know what, I saw the tennis racket, all of the baby animal print things, bags (the huge Paris Croc tote, expandable bags, denim cabas L and XL). I was in heaven finally I found the Chanel pill earrings and I had to get it! It was the last one they had in the back and I love them so much! It was such an experience being at the chanel boutique I love it (soooo much better than any Saks or Neimans). Anyway sorry for such a long story but I feel like you all are my friends so I just had to let you know :smile:.
    I will be posting pics of the earrings on my ears so everyone can see the size and everything.... HANG TIGHT!:graucho:
  2. OMG, I had a similar experience at the Chanel Boutique in the Bellagio...I went in there to find something, anything really. And I was walking around for so long...nobody wanted to help me. Nobody asked me if I needed anything. The security guard told me to throw my starbucks away!! That was it. Because I look like I'm 15...I guess they thought I couldnt buy anything. Little did they know!!!!

    Do they make commission? Do the SA's at NM and Saks make commission?

    Cant wait to see your earings!!!
  3. They all make commission thats they're salary mostly I think. Don't you just hate when that happens! O well they're the ones missing out!:yes:
  4. Okay here are the pictures, not great but enjoy!


  5. Congratulations on your very cute earrings!
  6. Very cute!!
  7. Those are soooo cute!! :drool:
  8. Very cute
  9. lovely~~congratz!!
  10. Ooooooooooo...super cute!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  11. Cute!!
  12. cute
  13. Cute earring.
  14. Enjoy them...
  15. I just love them!!!!!