Went to Vegas... and came back really mad!

  1. So I bought the Baby animal keychain.. the one shaped as a heart. This was back in april well after using it the leather that attaches the heart to the hardware started to turn black and thin out.. A LOT!! To the point that the hardware will come off of the heart if I use it anymore. So I called the Bellagio Chanel a few months ago to see what they could do.. they gave me the oh well you need to send it and then we'll see... So I decided to wait until I went to Vegas...

    I just got back and before leaving I stopped by the Bellagio to see what could be done... WELL I got the well thats normal wear and tear (a not used so much keychain that i put away for a few months and only had since April)... The girl said it was normal and they could only paint it which wouldn't help... She also suggested that I pay to get the leather replaced (if they can) but she doesn't know if they have the same type of leather.

    I kindly explained that Chanel has great quality and that they should keep up with those standards and I haven't even had the keychain for a year and I am soooo very careful with it... It was like talking to a recording machine... She goes uh huh... well you can send it in and pay to get the leather replaced its normal wear and tear... And even if I do get it replaced it'd happen again and theres nothing they can do about it <- her words not mine!

    Whatsup with the quality of the Chanel smaller items... it was a $250 keychain that I adore and its their fault that they made it so damn crappy!!! If i would of know I would not have gotten it... I could not get over that there wasn't a warranty or a I'm so sorry we can try our best to get it replaced at our expense.... nothing just well if you want it replace just send it to us and you can pay and it won't do a damn thing...


    I'm so mad!!! If this happened at LV or any other place they would of done something..
  2. That's very weird. Can you take it to another Chanel boutique to see what they can do for you?

    I bought a chain belt once and it felt apart after I used it maybe a few times? I bought it in Paris but I went to my local Chanel boutique to see what could be done. My loca store sent it back to Paris for repair (at their expenses). Ok, I had to wait 6 months to get it back but now it's very sturdy and I am happy.
  3. Yeah, check in with another boutique, because maybe you just got a clueless or cranky SA.
  4. FIJIBUNI, pls let me know the name of the SA, i m going to vegas soon and definately wouldn't buy from her.
  5. I personally do not like the service/staff at Bellagio. I had a bad experience there trying to buy a wallet on sale. The s/a was great when I first made a purchase with her but when it came time to honor a sale item she was indignant and condescending in her tone, asking if I was a reseller and that Chanel doesn't condone it, etc.
  6. You know, I had a pretty horrible experience at the Bellagio Chanel two weeks ago- apparently I was not good enough to be in their store, and they were first condescending, and then completely ignored me. The Chanel at the Wynn, on the other hand (which is where I was staying) was wonderful. I must have gone in there three times a day, and each time the S/As were wonderful- they were nice, they answered all my questions, they let my husband try on the men's jewelry he was admiring- it was night and day. Yes, the Wynn store is smaller, but they were so much NICER.
  7. I hated the SAs at the Wynn. I won't go in to detail but I had a poor experience there as well as at the Bellagio. As far as the key chain goes, I wouldn't be so sure LV would always be different. I know they won't replace inclusion pieces if they crack and they don't give a warrenty so maybe it's the same way with certain Chanel items? It seems that small items for whatever reason don't seem to have the same company backing. Who knows why?

    I'd try to take it to another store and see what they say. Good luck.
  8. I'm wondering if SAs in Vegas are just simply all bad. I'm going to Vegas this Sunday. There were few things I wanted but can't find here, so I called both Bellagio and Wynn to ask if they have them. Maybe the people I spoke to were too exhausted from Holiday craze but I just felt they both didn't have good customer service skills.

    Then again, most SAs in 57th here are not that helpful either.:s
  9. You know, I've just not been impressed with CS in Vegas. I also went to the Chanel counter at Neiman Marcus across the street (stayed @ the Wynn) and no one was particuarly friendly. There was one time where the SA actually left while I was looking for a bag and just didn't come back. I was in there alone. I don't know. I know it is bad the stereotype but I think Las Vegas had some of the worst SAs I've ever come across.
  10. I'd try calling the 800 # and explaining the situation to them. Most of them are very knowledgable and friendly and you might get a quicker resolution going to the source. GL!
  11. How did you like Wynn? I love staying at that hotel! While CS in hotels are quite fantastic, what you said about some SAs in high end shops is true. Vegas has gone to this ultimate luxury spot these days and they are so used to too many people with too much money. While some shops are still great, half the SAs in some shops act as if they don't care they make the sale or not. I was quite disppointed with SAs I spoke on the phone this week, as these people didn't really seem to be aware of the items they supposedly sell.
  12. I love the Wynn itself. It is probably my favorite hotel in Vegas. I didn't hold the way the SAs behaved against the hotel. :smile:

  13. I got my first Chanel bag at LV NM, but I would have to agree that most of the SAs there are quite chilly/indifferent. I do remember Princesse being awesome, though. Sam is pretty cool too. I actually purchased from someone else, but he seems alternately nice and condescending. I don't know about that place... :nogood:
  14. wow. i wish chanel was reading this so they can TRAIN their SAs to provide better customer service.

    i'm going to vegas for xmas and will be stopping by both stores. will definitely report when i come back.
  15. Wynn ask for Carrie she is the best