Went to Valley Fair today!!!

  1. Well yeah. Macy's has some bags... and Nordstrom had none(Except Porta, and Brac.)! Didn't check Metropark.

    Anyways!!! To the point, was I saw this girl today. She had a Paradiso Ciao Ciao. It was sooo cute!!:drool: I was wearing my Parasido Gioco, wasn't sure if she saw. Anyways, I wasn't planning to wear my Ciao Ciao anywhere except school, but after seeing her were it, it was wayy cute!

    Do you guys wear your Ciao Ciaos too? I had my Ciao Ciao for like a month now and it's been sitting collecting dust. Sorta... :p:push:
  2. macy's had some tutti bags in?
  3. Oopps, should have made that clear. There were old prints, no Tutti yet.
  4. ohh..wat did they have left? :smile:
  5. I saw one AS, L'amore Canguro... Famiglia Luna... Notte Bellas lots of these solid prints..
  6. i have an adios star & tutti ciao ciao
    i like them but i like the campeggio better more pockets to put my junk
  7. yea..i saw those solid prints a couple of weeks ago too..they don't sell as well hehe..thanks though!
  8. haha! I love big bags, more junk to stuff in there. haha. :tup:
  9. I :heart: the ciao ciao for long days out b/c you can stuff everything in there. I just used my tan pg ciao ciao in disneyland!! Love it!! I also have a black cammo ciao ciao :drool:
  10. I went to Valley Fair today and stopped by Metro Park. There was a new Tokidoki print on the display window. It's black and white and looks like you can color it in hehe...is that what everyone's calling Tutti???
  11. Haha. Yeah! It's called Tutti =] Sooo cute! :tup::heart:
  12. Sounds like I should pay a visit to Valley Fair tomorrow...:graucho: Thanks for the update.
  13. i went to valley fair today. i checked Nordstrom but they didnt have any bags :[ macys has some but i haven't seen any of the tutti prints there. metropark has a lot of tutti and spiaggia prints. they also have the adios star bella on sale for 70ish.
  14. I didn't see any at Nordstrom's either so I asked an associate who brought one out from the back. She mentioned they had "every" style, but only in famiglia. Not sure what she means by every.

    Also said that she thinks Nordstroms is phasing them out.