Went to trunkshow and saw..... MIRAGE!

  1. Let me start by saying I was not prepared for how much I would absolutely LOVE the Mirage line. I hoped I would like it, but I was absolutely blown away by the gorgeousness of the bags in both colors! I gave my SA my cc # on the spot so she can charge my noir Speedy as soon as the boutique opens on Saturday 9/15. I will go in after my son's soccer game and pick it up. She did confirm 9/15 as the release date and expects to have the bags available on that date. My boutique is getting three noir speedys, no bordeaux that she knew of.

    Feedback: the noir version appears much more 'black' than I thought it would, which is a good thing, IMO. I had on black running shorts (dressed up for the trunkshow, lol!) and the speedy looked great against the black. I really think this bag will look fantastic with either black OR brown clothing. The bag I saw DID have a seam along the bottom, so no upside down LVs. All the black tabs (zipper pull, lock tab, etc.) were trimmed in the same brown as the black handles. Black alcantra lining w/a patch pocket. Bottom is not reinforced so the speedy will have the famous sag. This bag will be great for both casual and semi-dressy occasions, IMO.

    I saw the bordeaux version in another style and it was gorgeous, too. If you are on the list for either color I believe you will be happy w/this bag!
  2. congrats!!! post pics when you'll receive it!!!
  3. I can't wait to see them IRL! I love that bag!
  4. Can't wait to see your pics gwen!!!!
  5. Cool!!! Can't wait to see your New Mirage. I hope I get a call as well.
  6. Weird, the other poster with the Mirage (Spikette) said it did NOT have a seam and there were upside down LVs. :shrugs:
  7. Gwen, I'm surprised you could waitlist for this bag and get one in 2 weeks...I don't know where your store is, but sounds like a good one for getting the limiteds in stock. Did you happen to see the Limelight clutch? Any opinions on those colors?
  8. I have been on the waitlist since early days... just hadn't given her my cc # yet. I waitlisted as soon as the SA's knew the bags were coming.... long after us tPFer's did, of course! ;)

    Unfortunately I did not see the limelight clutch in any colors. I did see the new nimbus grey colors (both gorgeous but I liked the darker a bit more) and the new XXL hobo-type bag. It is REALLY large, but will come in a smaller size, too. I think the smaller size will be a great bag.
  9. Can't wait to see pics!!
  10. Thank you for sharing your news!! I can't wait to see the Mirage. I waitlisted for the bordeaux only. I would love the black one too, but I can only get one, especially after getting my anthracite Nimbus GM.

    So there is a seam on the bottom??? I wonder why another tPFer didn't have a seam on her black Mirage Speedy --- she had upside down LVs. I like the idea of them all the right way. Hmmm... this is a puzzle.

    Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on your upcoming Noir Mirage Speedy!
  11. COOL BEANS. post pics of the bag when you get it!
  12. Congratulations.
  13. All this mirage talk is getting me antsy for one. I need to hold off and save for the Mahina. I can't wait to see the bordeaux one.
  14. So glad to hear the mirage wasn't a disappointment Gwen. The design change with seam is awesome - a new twist on the classic! Can't wait to see pics!!:wlae:
  15. The bag I saw definitely had a bottom seam. I asked my SA if this could be a prototype and if the actual bags would possibly be different. She said that this close to launch she really thinks this is the actual bag. We shall see on 9/15! I also like the idea of all the LVs right side up! :tup: