Went to Trunk Show, left w/ oldie but goodie!

  1. I love the Cambon Ligne . . .
    I don't care that it's probably their most counterfeited ligne, you just can't beat it's practicality!
    Ro, I totally wanted your beige/beige one but NM is sold out company wide :cry:
    I bought the next best thing, her fraternal sister:
    IMG_2235.jpg IMG_2236.jpg IMG_2239.jpg
  2. Given that you have kids and need to carry something big, hardy and dark, I think this is the perfect bag! Plus, this tote is growing on me. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! I love mine too!! Very practical and stylish!!!

    How was the trunk show? Was it for Fall Act 2 or for Spring? Anything stand out?
  4. I have the same bag, Swanky...it is great! Congrats! =)
  5. I love the tote. It's one of my favorites from Chanel.
  6. omg, swankymama, its so pretty! congrats!
  7. Great bag! Please tell us. What did you see at the show? I really wanted to go.
  8. thanks y'all! Irish, ITA:yes:

    No, nothing from the trunk show made me do a happy dance. . . so I left w/ a staple! LOL!
  9. I missed you Kathy :sad:
    I saw the Leo Flap, it's stunning:drool: and some limp looking totes that lay there lifelss. . . I really didn't see anything I even wanted to pick up! Isn't that weird!?
    Even Shannon said that.
  10. love it! so what if it's the most faked? you know your;s is real and that's all that matters. it also just happens to be really durable, functional, and pretty.
  11. Congrats! You can't even compare that one to those cheapo fakes, it's so gorgeous!
  12. It's beautful! Congrats! :smile:
  13. I love the look of your authentic Cambon. Like you said, that's the most faked ligne, but when you have a real one you can tell and yours is gorgeous!
  14. Shannon {my SA} made a good point, she said she's never seen the black/black patent or beige/beige faked.
    It's always black/white and pink/black.
    I thought about it and it's true for me, I have seen black/black patent or beige/beige faked either.
  15. congrats! happy way to end a trunk show.