went to tjs today...

  1. and as soon as i walked in i spotted this: :love:
    well i picked it up and when i went around the corner, i saw another one and grabbed it. my cousins 13th birthday party is saturday and i decided id give her her 1st coach item. she loves all my bags and i know shell take care of it. and how much did each of these cost you ask? drumroll please.... $24.99! i was so surprised. maybe next year when she turns 14 shell get a demi...:yes:
  2. Wow!! That was a great find!! Your cousin is going to LOVE it!!!
  3. I have that wrislet too, it goes almost with everything! Great deal you got for it!
  4. What a great, classic coach piece. I'm sure your cousin will love it!
  5. Wow, so cute and a great price to boot!
  6. Wow... great find! I was just in my TJ's today, but NEVER find any COACH items at all... if I do they aren't cute... I wish I could find cute stuff like that! :sad:
  7. I saw this at my local marshalls and I'm kicking myself for not getting it. It was cute, too... I also saw the snakeskin ipod cases for only 15 dollars, but I don't need an ipod case so i didn't get it... darn it!

    My local TJ's also has coach sunglasses now... very nice! The ones with the little dragonfly or whatever on the side. $70, i think...
  8. see usually mines the same way. they wont tell me what day of the week their shipment comes in, so i go every sunday. by the time i get there theres like nothing. they dont get alot of coach, so when i found this i was like :wtf: they have alot of D&B and some juicy couture & usually they get like alllll the sunglasses. but i guess today was just lucky for me.

  9. very nice! they had the ipod cases too. i dont have a nano & im not a huge fan of snakeskin so yeah.
  10. I didn't know that TJ's gets shipments in of COACH :p... hmmm thats interesting... I might have to start calling my TJ Maxx to find out when they get their shipments everyweek... I never even find juicy, i've seen some D&B, but you know how TJ's gets... gets picked over and then there is nothing thats fab left... :sad:
  11. soo cute, & what a great find! i have that one too :smile: an excellent gift too!!! :smile:
  12. Yesterday I was in Marshall's and they had 1 pair of Coach sunglasses. They were really cute, but they weren't big enough for me so I passes. But they were only $59 so I probably should've bought them anyway. That was the first time I've seen Coach in there.
  13. Super cute! Congrats!
  14. Cute - I will make a trip to my local TJMaxx tomorrow to see what they have.
  15. You got a great deal!! Congrats :smile: