Went to TJ Maxx................

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  1. I have heard lots talk about the bags at TJ, so I went there on Friday. Wow. They had lots of bags -- D&B, Cole Haan, Guess, KVZ and a few Coach. They had the Stripe Flap bag (an obvious outlet bag, F10701, I think?) for $99. Also, the beautiful Legacy Shoulder Bag in Canvas/Citron for $249. I picked it up immediately. Later I discovered it is missing the leather hangtag, but I figure I can try to find one of those.
    My question is: were those good prices? I have looked on ebay and it's hard to tell. There are quite a few of the stripe bags at all prices. Not so many of the Legacy and the prices jump around there, too.
    I will probably return the stripe bag, but LOVE the Legacy Citron. Before I use/remove the tags, what do you think? Did I pay too much?
    BTW, no outlet stores less than 3 hours away from me, but 3 full price Coach stores in the area.
  2. That's it!
  3. So I guess I paid too much. I don't buy Coach on ebay much, because even tho I am fairly sure that DH knows how much they cost, eventually he will realize how many I have (only 9) and that might not be good. So, guess I have to decide what to do!:thinking:
  4. Any other opinions? I just can't decide what to do.
  5. You didn't pay much more than that ebay auction. I would keep the bag, it's beautiful. You also don't have to worry whether it's authentic or not! That's always a plus, sometimes shopping on ebay and waiting for the package can be nerve racking!
    I stopped at the TJMaxx by me and they had absolutely nothing! They did have 1 lonely 4x7 planner in blue leather for $69. I left it there, I already have the same one in pink.
    Keep the bag and enjoy!
  6. Keep the bag and enjoy.
  7. Thanks! I think I am going to. It is so different and I am a sucker for the Legacy lining.
  8. Keep it! Crazy for bags is right - and the 06 shoulder bag is such a great bag! I stopped by my TJMaxx today but no Coach bags - only a pair or two of shoes. :sad: But my wallet was relieved, that's for sure.

    It seems like you love the bag, and for considering it is still a fair amount off retail on a not-as-easy-to-find bag, keep it and enjoy it! :tup:
  9. I went by tj maxx the other day and saw 1 small black pebbled leather hobo for 179.99. It had a brass hook enclosure.
    When i first spied it i saw the coach tag, and thought it was a wristlet, but nope.

    Congrats on your find!
  10. Please post pics of your new bag!!! :yes:
  11. I try not to buy coach from TJ because I live fairly close to an outlet and that is where you will get the best deals. I know that they had planners there but I got my blue 5x7 for $69.99 with the extra 20% off at the outlet. Don't get me wrong I LOVE TJ, they are in my top 5 favorite stores. Since your outlet is so far it is probably better to go to TJ then spend a fortune in gas to come back half the time, or more, empty handed. Think of it as saving time and gas money by buying the individual item at a slightly higher price. If you had a reason to go out to the area of your outlet then stop by if you have time. Also if you plan a vacation and are driving to the destination it could be benificial to plan your route to convienently pass by as many outlets as possible:graucho:.
  12. Hello!
    you guys should also check Marshall's too! They have a lot of coach bags and other designer bags!
  13. By the way, I was reading that Luralee bought a Coach bag for 249... That's weird... because mostly all the Coach bags I have seen at Marshall's ad Tj maxx ( they're the same Company) never goes over 199! And Usually, all the small bags are aroud 99 dollars only!
  14. It depends on the bag -- I saw a signature Ali with the gold metallic trim, and it was $299. I've seen several Coaches that were higher, but they were some of the higher priced ones to start with. TJ Maxx seems to start everything at about half of the retail price.

    Oh, and I saw a superiorily ugly red patent thing from some Italian designer I never heard of -- big red 3-D roses with rhinestones in the middle, and that horrid thing was $499!