went to the waikele outlet today.

  1. I was going to my parents house to visit and pick up mail, so I stopped by the outlet in Waikele first. I'm so happy they finally got in some K charms so I got a K and B (her first and last name) for my work's secret santa gift. Yay!! This is perfect because our limit is $20, and the charms were $9.99 each and I know my co-worker/friend loves Coach!!

    They had a bunch of Ergo's with Legacy lining, the chocolate signature shoulder flaps, the chocolate signature Legacy satchels, a bunch more Legacy leather bags, the Legacy flap wristlets in suede (I was sooooooooo contemplating the blue one!!), etc. They had lots of stuff - as usual. But I was able to get away with just the gift and that's it!! Hehe...
  2. What a nice Secret Santa gift you got her! I know how hard it is to get out of the outlet without purchasing anything, you did great.
    It's all about the self control!
  3. Haha. Yeah. Self-control is pretty easy for me, so I'm thankful for that... I think it helps that I'm really fiending for a clay shoulder bag or pond shoulder bag, so I'm not really wanting to buy anything but those. Hehe.

    And yeah, my friend will definitely love her gift!! It'll be the perfect spash of color on her black signature demi she always carries to work!!
  4. awww man a K charm :sad:
  5. wow looks like i need to hit up my outlet to see if they have great deals like yours had...great job only spending $20 i have no self control when it comes to coach and sale...
  6. oh man, i am looking for one of those bags too - damn! my outlet didnt have any; the Ergo that is.