Went to the trunk show and came home with these...

  1. I went to the Chanel trunk show at Saks last night and there were so many beautiful bags. I especially loved the modern chain bag, but Saks didn't order it in red. I didn't buy any new purses, but I did come home with this ring and bracelet.
    chanelb1.JPG chanelb2.JPG chanelb4.JPG chanelr1.JPG chanelr2.JPG
  2. Oh, those are gorgeous!! Love the bracelet!
  3. how pretty!
  4. I love your new jewlery.....
  5. WOW!! Those are gorgeous!
  6. Gorgeous! I especially love the bracelet too
  7. awww, they're both gorgeous:nuts:
  8. Love them ! But honestly , i couldn't take my eyes of your avatar ! Argh , he is SO DARN CUTE !
  9. Thanks for all your nice comments.

    SophiaLee - My avatar is my favorite picture of my nephew; it was taken on his 1st birthday. Did you make it to the Beachwood Saks trunk show this weekend?
  10. Congrats! They are both lovely. I esp. like the bracelet :smile:
  11. No , I didn't go . Me and my fiancee were fighting and when he left he "accidentally" (sp? ) took my keys w/ him as well .

    I'm still not speaking to him !
  12. Very nice!
  13. slc, they're gorgeous! I love the bracelet!!! Do you mind me asking how much you paid for it???
  14. both pieces are gorgeous!!!
  15. I love the Chanel costume jewelry. Very pretty. Congrats!