Went to the sample sale today and walked out with 3 bags!

  1. So I did it ladies! I took the train from CT, rushed over in the pouring rain to the sale and was there when they opened.....I had only intended on buying 2 bags but couldn't resist those prices!!

    I purchased a Jillian in Bourbon ($175), a Ginger in black ($225) and a dark browm (java?) Jessie which just has the softest, smooshiest leather! That bag was only $150!!! I'm in love. :heart: :yahoo: :heart:

    Now I'm back in CT with a few hours of down time before we leave for DC and I can show off my new babies!
  2. Also wanted to add, the tax was already included in the price.
  3. Wow, you did awesome!! I am totally jealous.

  4. I'll have to take them and post them when I get back from washington, I'm at my mom's house. Believe me, I can't wait to model them. :smile:
  5. double post, woops.
  6. fantastic. Don't you love MetroNorth?
  7. Wow, what great prices and marvelous finds, congrats!
  8. I am so jealous! You picked some great bags.
  9. Congrats on your purchases! I'm excited to see pics. Have fun in DC this weekend!!!
  10. *dies* ur so lucky!
  11. oooh..congrats! can't wait for pictures!
  12. You Rock ProvidenceChick!!!!!
    Those Jessies are the Bomb. I absolutely love the 4 pockets. IT makes the bag so user friendly.

    Darn. I wouldn't mind having a Jessie in smooth leather! LOL
  13. Oh how fun! What a bunch of great bags you have there! I just got my black Jessie yesterday and I love her!

    Can't wait to see your pix!
  14. LOVE those pics, so cute! I especially am eyeing that Jessie!