Went to the outlet this evening

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  1. I didn't leave with anything but saw a lot of cute things. The outlets have a new patchwork, pastel like colors. Saw the canvas pocket shoulders, flap (looks like the Ali) and the satchel. Nylon totes 30% off. Saw the green hamptons carryall on clearance 169 - 20%. A couple of white hippies, pebbled leather flaps, and these pocket satchels in a canvas material that looked like the nylon ones from last year and the leather ones from 2 years ago, the pockets on the front and the side. Straw totes were there as well as a lot of duffles.
  2. I was in Vegas on wednesday and picked up the pocket tote in brown leather and the mini signature black for 139.00 each. I also got a black leather flap satchel for 169.00 and a mini sig black wristlet.