Went to the Outlet for the first time today

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  1. And I was in heaven! Sadly, though, my son was not (or maybe he was too and couldn't control himself) and went crazy and I had to leave. I was trying to decide what to get, and he was just out of control, so all I got were a couple of wristlets to put all my junk in so it's not all over the bottom of my bag. I so badly want to go back, but I refuse to take him with me while I do it, lol. I'm hoping I can go on Sunday morning and he can stay home with his Dad. I hope they're still handing out coupons then! I found a few things I liked, but nothing that I just had to have. The 2 bags I REALLY want aren't at the outlets anymore and I'm considering buying on ebay and just picking up a few accessories at the outlet to go wit them. I looked at the spotlight today, but I think it's just going to be too big for what I'm wanting :sad: I so loved that bag, but I am just not sure how much use I'd get out of it. I think I might wait for the poppy pocket hobo to hit the outlets. I love that bag!!!
  2. I love going to the outlet. Definately not easy shopping there with kids. I like to leave mine home when I go. Last time I spent 2 hours there and there's no way I could have done it with kids. I hope you get to go back soon. My outlet is always changing. I went 3 times in one week and saw different stuff each time so keep looking.
  3. I miss going to the outlets. Luckily my daughter loves to shop! I give her something to hold, like a wristlet or something, and she is good. She even tells me if she likes something or not. Too cute!!
  4. I love my outlet. I have been there so many times that they now know my name. I try to stay away but I am drawn to the store. Good luck to you on your quest to find the perfect bag.
  5. That first time to the outlet is the best. I actually could not sleep the night before I went. I was like a kid the night before Christmas. I hope you get to go soon kid free.
  6. Thanks! I'm afraid I'm going to become way addicted and end up with WAY too many bags! How many bags do 'normal' addicts have at any given time? Lol. I have a problem with feeling like I have to always buy the accessories as well, which is very dangerous! TDo they have sales at the outlet regularly? I was surprised at some of the prices today, but without the sales, my buying will be more limited.
  7. One thing you might consider - I get accessories in prints/colors that I don't really want a bag in, but I like them. So if you love melon, but can't fathom getting such a bright bag, get a wallet in melon. All my mini skinnies, wristlets and cosmetic bags are in patterns/colors I love, but wasn't willing to pay for a bag in that pattern/color. That way, you still have a bit of that super cool color or pattern!
  8. That's a good idea. I just bought basic ones today, one that will hold a few things I take with me to class, and one that I'll throw in my purse to carry the things I don't use regularly, but want to keep handy, lol. I want to get a makeup case and a mini skinnie as well. I'll definitely get a fun pattern next time. They had a couple of really cute patterns, but not something that I'd buy for a bag! I'm not that adventurous. I just recently got the holiday patchwork tote and that is pretty daring for me, lol.
  9. Congrats on your first outlet trip!
  10. I love love love the outlet! Mine is 40 minutes away (give or take, usually a little give) and I've gone like 6 or 7 times in the past three weeks or so? haha. I love to go and look around. I find that since I'm a new Coachie it's a good way to get exposed to some of the older things, and to be able to touch and wear everything I feel like touching or wearing! I get nervous at the boutique, and some of the SAs at mine can be a bit pusy.

    I spend at least an hour every time I go. Sometimes two. I went to day FH free and it was the BEST. It kinda sucked not having anyone to ask opinions of, but I posted here and it worked out very well, I think! You have to love technology!

    Too bad I didn't have someone to hold things for me. LOL.

    I find that I see the best stuff when I do stay a while. I get there at 9 when they open, and walk around, pick up a few things, then sit down for a while and loiter a bit to spy on what things they bring out from the back or are returned (like my Annie I got today!).

    So far from what I've seen of mine, Friday is a good day to go. My SAs said Mondays are bad because they are always all picked over from the weekend. Your outlet may differ, though!
  11. I love the outlet, but it's definitely dangerous to have one close by, I go way way too often, lol. I've found some fabulous deals though and have a lot more bags than I could have afforded at FP.

    There are a couple of coupons out right now, good til Sunday, in case they're not handing out coupons at the door:


    GL, and definitely try to go without the kiddo if you can, or neither of you will have fun.

    BTW, try to go when they first open if you can, my outlet at least is crazy busy most of the weekend except near opening.
  12. I am 6 hours from my nearest outlet. I have never been. My FP store is less than 5 min away however.
  13. LOL I thought I was the only one who felt that way about their first visit to an outlet! I'm accustomed to Pleasant Prairie because it's the closest one to my house, and I would stop by every now and then before I joined tPF. The frequency of visits has since increased :biggrin:.

    But when I first figured out there's a Coach outlet in Aurora and it's a flagship outlet, I began to plot my first visit. I dreamt of Coach for a week! And I could barely sleep the night before! And when I finally got there....:cloud9:!
  14. How often do they get new stock? I have 2 outlets about equal distance from me, however, unfortunately for me, they're both right at an hour away. The one I went to today is probably the more popular one, but I won't go back there for awhile, I'm sure my son made an impression to last for at least a few weeks :nuts: I'm hoping to get to the one north of me on Sunday. I love, love, love the leather Carly bags, but they aren't at the outlets anymore :sad: I'm debating if I should buy one on Ebay or if I should get the Zoe? Suggestions? I have the chocolate Zoe, but I really need a basic black bag. Maybe I should go for something completely different??? Help me decide what to get!!