Went to the new LV store in Atlantic City!

  1. OMG...this store was incredible. So much better than the King of Prussa, PA store. First of all it was SO BIG. The best part was I did not have to stand around and wait for a sales person because every single item they had was out of display so I was able to look at every bag, sunglasses, etc. One section was for all the Damier bags, another for the Monogram, etc. I must have spent an hour and a half in that store. I would absolutly go to Atlantic city now for my future purchases instead of LV. The sales people were really nice and friendly too.!!
  2. Can you tell me exactly where this store is ?? keeping in mind, I am not familiar with Atlantic City at all.........
  3. You mean you'd go to the Atlantic City LV store?


    Sounds great, I'll have to visit there one day!
  4. its right near the caesars casino. just opened a few days ago.
  5. Hey CrazyBagLady i'm from Norristown!! Is the new AC store in the new mall area near Gucci??
  6. great... is there a parking lot associated to the store, or can I easily park on the street ??
  7. next to the LV store is Gucci. hi neighbor!!!
  8. just park at the casino...never park on the street.
  9. We visit Brigantine every year (for those of you who don't know, it's an island near AC), and usually we just sit at the beach, but now I can go shopping!!
  10. Oooooh! Thanks so much for your review!!! I can't wait to go. I can prob drag my LV loving friend, Virgo, down there with me some time! lol!
  11. Yeah AC is really getting better with the shopping. There is the new mall, and all of the outlet type stores
  12. I was there 2 weeks ago when they just opened the store. I had never been in one so couldn't compare it to anything. But the Ceasars Casino just built this extension called The Pier. When I was there only 2 levels were open but there are going to be 4 I think. It is very nice. I haven't been to AC in so long but they are really trying to build it up.

    Have fun.

    So this store is better than King of Prussia...hmmm. Has anyone ever been to the stores in MD or VA?
  13. There trying to make Ac more on par with Vegas which imo will never happen.

    However i'm so excited that its open. I'm supposed to gambling with Daddy on Thursday maybe I can convince him to make a detour and stop at Cesar's b4 we hit Borgata.
  14. I'm visiting my Dad in December. If I let him gamble, he might take me to check it out. Plus, it's easier to get to than King of Prussia.....
  15. Please tell me about this new mall !!!

    where is it .... any weblink I can look at ?? TIA !!