went to the lv store to look at cles, and got....

  1. well, today i went to the store to look at few cles for my lonly pochette, Chester (i just got him on wednsday). instead of getting a cles, i got a white mc wapity :yahoo: !!!!! they were out of the black and i couldnt wait, so i just got the white it is sooo cute! i still cant post pics:yucky: but ill get one of those disposable digi cameras tomowwor and take pics then! I AM SOOO HAPPY
  2. Very nice. I love MC.
  3. Congrats! Wapity is really cute. :yes: I actually prefer white. :love:
  4. I love the white mc wapity..it's so cute!! congrats!
  5. Congratulations! Love the MC wapity! She's a stunning one!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Congrats! I actually prefer the white also. A white MC wapity is currently on my wishlist :smile:
  8. beautiful! congrats!
  9. aw, congrats! the white mc wapity is #1 on my wish list right now
  10. Congrats!
  11. congrats! I also love my white mc wapity, very useful too!
  12. If you named your pochette Chester, what will you name your MC wapity!?!?:P
    J/K Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!!

    How much can the Wapity hold??
  14. congrats
  15. congrats!!! the wapity is too cute for words!