Went to the LV boutique on Bloor today & ended up with this..

  1. Christmas present for my dad..hopefully he likes it!

    I didn't think the SAs would be that nice or helpful since I'm only like 17 & I went in the store alone..but they were all very nice!

    (yea I was hiding it in the bathroom lol..just for the pictures)
    She gave me a catalogue and another bag as well to carry it in. And those cards on the left - are you supposed to get them with your purchases? I didn't get those at the Paris boutique :confused1:

    I decided to go with blue instead of black..it looks a lot nicer in real life!

    My cat was watching/wondering what I was doing.

    I was so tempted to buy something else. I wanted a bandeau for my Speedy and the box of European City Guides but then decided not to get them today. Perhaps next month..or week hahah..
  2. Gorgeous freaking tie! You have fabulous taste icechampagne, your dad is gonna be sooo stylin!
  3. ohhhh! fab! which SA helped you at the Bloor store?
  4. congrats
  5. that is so sweet! nice gift!
  6. Great tie! I'm sure your father will love and appreciate it!
  7. He'll love it! Its gorgeous!!!
  8. aww so sweet of you!!he's going to love it!!
  9. icechampagne:

    Amazing! What kind of cat do you have? I need a new kitty!
  10. Wow! That's nice. Maybe I should look into getting one for DH!
  11. good choice, I'm sure he'll love it!
  12. Nice gift !!
  13. Very nice! He will love it!
  14. OO I really love it too! Great taste --- I think your dad will love it. Which SA did you deal with? I've had Keesha (or Kiesha?) before and she's always super super friendly and helpful.
  15. I love that color ... your Dad will love it! Great choice!