Went to the Louboutin boutique in Hong Kong! Found Architeks in sz 34 BUT....

  1. I'm visiting Hong Kong right now and HAD to pass by the Louboutin boutique. The boutique is gorgeous! It was overwhelming....all red and shiny, just like the soles. They display the shoes in little cubby holes and they had a large collection, better than the boutique in Beverly Hills. I wish I could name all of the shoes that they had but I'm not that familiar with Louboutin....yet! What I did notice was that they had the Very Prive Pailette pumps in blue and pink, patent Iowa Zeppa Mary Janes, patent decoltissimos, simple platform pumps in patent and black calf, and a wedge which I don't know the name of. I tried on the patent Iowa Zeppa Mary Janes in 35 and of course they were too big for me (the strap on the top was super loose) but I thought they were so cute!

    I did find a pair of size 34 Architeks (for my freakishly small feet) and they are gorgeous! However the slingback is too big for me and slips off. Is it possible to have a cobbler fix that and if he does will it be uncomfortable?

    Oh, and I took a picture of the boutique :drool:
    IMG_0452 (Small).JPG
  2. Oh it looks so yummy and shiny!!! Not like the london shop which seems a little worn around the edges. Wish I lived near a boutique like that to visit!

    I'm sorry - I cant help you with the alteration question. Hopefully someone will drop by who can.
  3. I love the London store! It's like a little piece of Paris dropped into London with it's pretty awnings

    I believe cobblers can shorten the elastic but make sure you use someone reputable who knows what they are doing. Have a look at the CL cobbler thread
  4. YES!!! they can shorten the slingback!!!!
  5. Honu: Just out of curiosity, who helped you? I usually ask for Kinky when I go. I LOVE the store and the service too!
  6. I hope you are able to get the Architeks, they are so fab.
  7. This boutique is so pretty! Much nicer than the CL boutiques in the US. The elastic can certainly be shortened, I hope it works out.
  8. That is such a gorgeous front, the boutique! It adds to the pleasure of going there... :girlsigh:
  9. if you're in HK now, be sure to check out Joyce, On Pedder and Lane Crawford as well. All shops carry CL but the styles maybe different.. They're very close to each other anyway..
  10. You can also try putting on strappy strips by footpetals on the slings, they work very well in keeping the strap snug.
  11. The store reminds me of ELIZABETH ARDEN (the shape of hr perfume, red door)

    The cobbler can fix the straps for you.
  12. toiletduck: Marcus helped me yesterday and was very gracious in letting me know what styles were available in 34.

    billbill: I'll be sure to check out Joyce for CLs! Thanks for letting me know.
  13. What an adorable storefront!
  14. so cute. and yes, i agree much better than the bh one.
  15. Oh my goooodness that is gorgeous! I love the red of the building. It's so cute :amuse: