Went to the Cypress Outlet and . . .

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  1. Got tons of stuff. After waiting in line to get into the store for 40 minutes then waiting to check out for 1.5 hours I am ready to show all my goodies. There will be a stip tease LOL...:lol:
  2. I went on Tuesday and didn't find anything I had to have.........show us your goodies..........
  3. Show us whatcha got "lady"!!!
  4. Yeah I heard about the lines on the weekends.....they told me nuts, on Tuesday there were 10 people max in the store......
  5. I can't wait to see what you got!!!!
  6. Hey - I saw you posting in that other thread....come back and put your pics up! :lol:
  7. Are ya'll sure you want to see what I got!!
  8. Yes! Post pics already!:P
  9. I got the turtle for me and the monkey for my mom.

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  10. Then I got something for my RAOK buddy which I can't show.
  11. I got myself a eyeglass case and my mom the purse for Mother's Day. But that is not all. I also got myself a purse.

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  12. WTH? Waiting to get into the store for 40 minutes and then 1.5 hrs to check out???? Lord!
  13. Lastly I got this beautiful black leather purse. DH was very mad but he soon got over it. I love it.:love: I only got it for 76.30 it was such a deal. It makes me love it even more.

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  14. That sounds like the weekend experience at the Premium Outlets in Orlando. It's a NIGHTMARE.
    The tourists will knock you out of the way from point A to B.:wtf:

    The funny thing is that they opened a new outlet at the new Prime Outlets location which is bigger, better and best of all less crowded.

    Yay :yahoo:
  15. Great deals! Congrats on all of your deals!