Went to the Coach store today...

  1. ...but I didn't buy anything :sad: My husband is still recovering from my last Coach purchase. I went with my mom and sister, who are also big Coach fans. But now they think I'm crazy because I knew the name of almost every purse. They were like "do you work here now or what?" I told them that I just spend a lot of time on the Purse Forum and the Coach website. I think they're planning an intervention for my obsession!
  2. Oh, cool, you're in Minnesota!! I'm in South Dakota!! WOOHOO! Anyway, interventions are useless! Now that you've got the bug, it never goes away! LOL!
  3. Lucky you, being in MN and being able to go to a Coach store. I'm in MN and 2 hours drive to the nearest establishment that carries Coach.
  4. Same here!! I went to the boutique in Ala Moana today to get the brass M charm, but left empty-handed because there was no place for me to put it on my rose Legacy flap. If I put it on the ballchain, the M would hang lower than the bag itself. If I put it on the clasp of the bag, it sticks out in a way I don't like... Anyway, it made me sad to walk out with no charm. Haha. But I could hear several of the SA's whispering to one another as I walked past, "She has the rose...," "I've never seen that one...," "I want that bag...," etc. Hehe.

    There was a Limited Edition (Hawaii and Vegas) brown/khaki signature Ergo tote with the pink lining that I was eyeing kinda. I'm not a fan of the Ergo, but the fact that the SA said only about 30 of them were made in total made me go "hmmmmmmmmm..." Haha. I wouldn't mind having a bag where there's only 30 of them on this earth!! But I declined because I don't like the thought of buying a bag that people in LV get for 20% cheaper. Blah.
  5. I went to the boutique today and I knew more stuff than the SA's working today. I put the chocolate leather Carly on my shoulder and the SA came over and said "That looks really nice on you. It's one of our most popular styles. I think it's called the ... Carly".

    I think they all think I am crazy because when I do come in I am always in there forever looking at everything and I usually know all the names to everything and I ask about stuff thats not out yet :p

  6. I share your pain! I'm over an hour away from Macy's which carries a small Coach collection and 4 hours from the cities (Minneapolis) which is my closest Coach boutique and outlet. I wish they'd get a Coach store in Sioux Falls. That'd be about 2 hours. I manage well enough though! :graucho:
  7. maya everytime I hear you talk about hawaiian locations, makes me want to go to Hawaii agian. Must be wonderful to live there.

  8. Haha. Yeah, the outlet two minutes from my parents, the Ala Moana boutique right down the road from my own place, and about 5 other Coach boutiques a little further down in Waikiki... *lol* But I rarely go to Waikiki because the parking is terrible.

    It's very nice to live here, and I'll never live anywhere else ever again... but to keep my sanity, I go on vacations and stuff. Haha. It's also really expensive to live here. I know there are a few other places that are more expensive on the mainland, but we don't get paid accordingly here. So that sucks.