Went to the Coach store today...

  1. I wasn't going to go in but who was I kidding... I pre-ordered the sig stripe tote in crimson with matching wristlet on tuesday and it should be here on tuesday or wednesday! I thought that would be good enough but I guess I was wrong. lol. I really wanted a brown leather bag and totally fell in love with the ergo. I already have it in white and I NEEDED it in brown, lol. Here are my pictures. I will post others when I get my tote. My friend also got the medium leather ergo in black. Such a gorgeous bag. I also was chatting with my SA about working there for holiday and long story short, I have an interview tomorrow! I am so excited and I hope I get the job!
    103_0067a.JPG 103_0040q.JPG
  2. The picture of it by itself is a true representation of the color.
  3. Congrats!! I hope you get the job, too!
  4. What size is your new bag? Looks like just the right size!!!!
    A really nice bag!!!!!!!!:tup:
  5. Thanks!! It's the medium size. Just perfect for all of my stuff! :smile:
  6. I thought so!!!!! Thanks!!!!
    I bought the large one in natural vanchetta leather! It is a beauty but a tad too big. But, I am trying to get use to it!!!:girlsigh:
  7. :wlae: Check you out scoring an interview! good work.
    {{{{Sending good vibes for you during your the job interview}}}}

    Oh, and NICE BAG! I just got the tote and :heart: it
  8. ^^^Thank you so much! I'm so excited but super nervous! lol.
  9. Love the color. congrats!
  10. good luck with your interview!
  11. YAY for you!!!! What a GORGEOUS chocolate brown ergo! YUMMY!!! Congrats on the bag, and hopefully we will be congratulating you on your new job VERY soon!!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  12. ^^Thanks so much!!! I will find out the first week of October since it's only seasonal. Hopefully it's a yes!!!
  13. Super cute -- congrats!!!
  14. WOW!!! You had quite a day! Two gorgeous bags and a job interview!!! Whew! The color of that ergo hobo is so rich!!! I love it. Can't wait to see your crimson sig. stripe tote!
  15. Ok so I recieved my Sig stripe tote in crimson today (Yay!) but not the wristlet. It's still in california for some reason. My camera is MIA, so I had to improvise with my cell camera. I'll post modeling pictures when I find my camera! Thanks for letting me share! (sorry for the messy kitchen!)