went to the coach store today and got...

  1. the heritage stripe tattersall tote!!!! well i didn't get it today but i ordered it.
    should be here in 5-7 days. I can't wait!!!


    and i also bought this:p:

    heritage stripe large beauty case-- khaki and grass
  2. HOT!!!!! I can't wait to see pics of that Tattersall Tote IRL!!!! I'll bet it will be gorgeous! And I LOVE your new cosmo bag!!! That green is such a pretty color! Congrats!!!!!
  3. cuteness!!! i just love that green color!! i'm envious lol
  4. I like the green. so cute
  5. ooohhh , what size did you get? I was told it couldn't be ordered yet!:confused1:
  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DETAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are there really 2 sizes? And do you know the dimensions and prices? Thanks!!!!! OH ya, do you happen to know what the insides look like? :smile:
  7. Very pretty case, can't wait to see the Tattersall tote! Congrats!
  8. nope, i don't know what the inside looks like. they only had the sketch of it on the computer.

    as far as the guy could tell it was only one size, but i don't believe him. looked a little clueless. the one i got was $298 and was almost the same size as the medium Coach Heritage Stripe Tote.. the tattersall is only like 1/2in bigger in width and height.
  9. There is supposed to be 2 sizes...12219 and 12220...from the drilldown, the 12220 looks like the smaller of the 2 but I wish we could know the dimensions. I hate ordering a bag and then having to send it back for a different size...lol.

    How did he know it was almost the same size as the medium Heritage Stripe tote? (I have that bag and that would be perfect if it was about the same as that) I just REALLY have been stakling this bag and want all the details so I can order happily... :smile:
  10. Ahh! I can't wait to see pictures when you get it! I think you will be the first to get it on tPF (please correct me if I am wrong, girls!)!
  11. because he did have the dimensions on it, i just didn't think to have him write it down, i know it was 10 3/4 L x 10 something H x 3 1/2 width. he said it was a just a tiny bit bigger. i had him check because i didn't want a large.
  12. i cant wait to see pictures of the tote!
    and i love the cosmetics case i want it in pink!!
  13. PERFECT!!!! Thank you!!!! Please post pics as soon as you get it!!!!!!! :smile: Oh do you know which style number you ordered?
  14. I got 12220.
  15. ^^^thanks! :smile: