went to the Coach store sat and guess what I saw??

  1. tried on the new silver boyfriend ring - cute but BIG AND WIDE!! Def like wearing your boyfriend's ring. I passed. The earrings are really cute though, kinda remind me of tiffany earrings.

    saw the cute little piggie keyfob...........so freaking adorable but not worth $48 IMHO.

    they had the $7000 ostrich satchel on display in mahogany and I was also shown it in this BEAUTIFUL redish/pinkish color w/greyish metal hardware (like on the petrol colored bag).............OMG it was TDF!! Also found out that one was just GIVEN to a STAR the day before. Hmph, as if they can't afford one! GEEZ.

    they also had the matching slim wallet which much to my surprise were only $698! and a compact clutch that was $398. The blue color (petrol) is pretty in person.

    there also was this gorgeous travel tote called Hamptons carryall that was made in ALLIGATOR and cost $50,000!! ouch! And there was a $20,000 and $30,000 bags too. The wallet was there also, ya know the $3,000 aligator wallet, nice but so not worth the price!

    I tried on the ergo suede pieced pouch and it wasn't very comfortable. The strap needs to be about 2 inches longer. But the bordeaux color is beautiful.

    I was sitting on the couch waiting for my SA to finish w/his customer when I see this girl browsing the charms on the wall. She is carrying a khaki/saddle carly that looks totally OFF to me. I am looking over this thing and the fabric is hideous, the turnlocks on the side look plastic and say COACH on them and then on the gold grommets it says COACH on them. EWWW I nearly threw up!!

    hehe. ok so all I ended up getting was the new suede coin purse keyfob. Of course I had to order it cuz it wasn't in yet.
  2. oh and I got a little tiny catalog that has international stuff in it. Very cute stuff in it. Will try and scan it and post pics in a sec.
  3. ok I didn't scan every page but here are some to start:
    scan0002.jpg scan0003.jpg scan0004.jpg scan0005.jpg scan0006.jpg
  4. some more pics:
    scan0007.jpg scan0008.jpg scan0009.jpg scan0010.jpg scan0011.jpg
  5. thanks for posting the pics! I like how COACH is stamped on the bottom of the bleeker bags in the first pics. Can't wait to see purses IRL
  6. what color is the purse that's next to the sig bag on page 26?
  7. last set of pics:
    scan0012.jpg scan0013.jpg scan0016.jpg scan0014.jpg scan0015.jpg
  8. it's called WINE and looks like a dark burgundy color.
  9. Thanks for posting these pics!!

    Did they tell you the name of the celebrity that they gave the ostrich bag to?
  10. what bag is that on p.5? and what colors, how much, item number - and is this available in the US?
  11. yes he did but I don't want to get my SA in trouble for telling me, so not sure if I should post it or not.

    They also gave another YOUNG celebrity this jacket.
  12. Thanks! how much is the second scarf on page 41. I love how bright and colorful these new bags are. The last bag on the back page must be the new rasin.
  13. as far as these being available in the US, I'm not sure. Just call 888-262-6224 and give them the item number and ask if it's available to order.

    ok pg 4 & 5:

    bleecker leather duffles.

    Large, #11423. bottle green, rust, ink shown. British tan, coal, magenta, wine.

    Medium #11422. Wine shown. British tan, coal.

    Patchwork large #11465.
  14. If I had to guess... I would bet that they gave it to Mandy Moore or Eva Longoria. Or atleast I would have they both have great COACH collections!
  15. Tracy:

    Thanks so very much for posting these pictures. I am really glad that I have saved all my Handbag budget for the Bleeker Collection as I love at least three bags in this