Went to the Coach Outlet today...

  1. And I got a mini skinny signature wallet, chelsea optic pouch, and the carly signature pouch!!!

    It came to $178!!!!!!!!! $10 tax gees! But I had gift cards and wound up only paying $30!

    The wallet was $24, the chelsea was $87, and the carly $79!!! I saw the carly and snatched it up!! The SA said it was a return and then it was $30 off the sale price...she said I got lucky! WOOHOO!!!

    I cant find the cord from my camera, but here are pics from my phone:
    outlet1.jpg outlet2.jpg outlet4.jpg outlet3.jpg
  2. I can't see pics :confused1:
    it's an amazing deal you got there!! Congrats :tup:
  3. I cant see the pics!!!!!!
  4. OMG!!!! You scored!!!! Congrats!!!!
  5. i can see them!! lol can anyone else see them?
  6. aside from the topic... mommyville it's still amazing to see your triplets!!:yes:
  7. AWWWW THANKS!!! :love:
    Wendie: I cant see your pics!!!! HELP!!!!
  8. k try now!!
  9. You got awesome prices- congrats on all of your goodies
  10. Ohhh congrats on finding the Carly pouch & such great deals! Enjoy :tup:
  11. I CAN see the pics now!!! I love the carly pouch.. so cute!!!!
  12. SCORE on the Carly!!! Love the color combo, too!!! Congrats on all your goodies!
  13. WOW!!!! YOU DID GREAT!!!!! CONGRATS on such wonderful finds you lucky girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats ! Some of those prices at the outlets almost make you want to scream with joy , that Carly is so cute with the red trim
  15. yayyy for me....I win!!! haha Im SUPER excited on the carly! I was going to go to the mall first and pick it up...good thing I didnt!!!