Went to the Coach Flagship store in NYC today!

  1. Hi everyone! I had a job interview in manhattan this morning and it went so well that i took a trip to the Coach flagship store to reward my good efforts :p Unfortunately I didnt find anything for me, but I did see that they had a whole section of new bags and wallets. The bags were the same size & overall look of the hamptons carryalls, except they had a big gold turnlock on the front in the middle. They also came with silk ponytail scarves attached to them, w/ different color scarves for the different color bags. The scarves were sewn into a bow and couldnt be taken off the bag unless you cut them. The SA said the bags are from the Spring '08 line and that this store, b/c it was the flagship store, was the only one had these bags so early. I didnt love the bags but I thought it would be interesting for you all to know this! The attached scarves were really cute! But you couldn't buy them w/o the bag. Oh and the bags were expensive, like $498 i think, for something that looked just like a hamptons carryall. So I just thought youd all be interested in hearing about a new, although not that exciting, line of bags that will be out in the spring.

    Oh and they had the penguin keyfob in stock! I was good and didnt buy anything even though I really wanted it! :crybaby:
  2. AW you shoulda got a little charm or something because you had such a great interview. If you get the job you should def go buy yourself a pressie!!!!! :heart: GOOD JOB TODAY!!!
  3. awww thanks candace! I was sooo nervous- im so glad it went well! I was hoping to buy the legacy ponytail scarf and they had none left! :hrmm: Ill have to keep looking!
  4. Oh maybe you couldn't get it because it was a sign...saying WAIT FOR PCE!!! LOL
  5. those bags are also at macys!!! which flagship did u go to??
  6. I went to the one on 5th Avenue b/t 15th and 16th. Are you serious, theyre at MACYS?? The girl was trying to sell me one sooo much, saying they were the only store in the world that had them right now! How mean of her!
  7. you shoulda bought yourself a charm i did yesterday even though i didn't need one...
  8. Sounds fun just to get to look around!! I think if you get the job you should get a penquin as a reward! LOL!
  9. I'm guessing stores are piloting them! They are the new Madeline bags :smile:
  10. Oh that s the new madeleines?? i was wondering what they were... they look kind of weird to me.. like hamptons but with a little bow on the side... maybe it will grow on me like bleeker did
  11. I thought I heard these new Hamptons bags were coming out in late Nov./Dec. The ones at Macys were definitely very nice (nicer than regular Hamptons), but no bow.
  12. yeah my macys had the madeleines
  13. I saw this bag at my Flagship store. It comes in a beautiful red, bright green, black and a lovely tan. A really nice bag.
  14. oh wow i only saw the beigeish color and a brown at macys.... never saw the red and green!! whats your flagship store liz??? i think NYC has like a million flagships lol