Went to the CL Store Today (whining thread about quality)

  1. I went to the local CL store today see their new collection. My fav. SA immediately pulled me up to the second floor to show me a pair of HOT PINK satin heels. I don't know what they're called but it's from the bridal collection and is about 3-4 inches high with a pink bow above the peep-toe. They are TDF! :love: BUT! On closer inspection, they are rather poorly made. I love CLs but also buy shoes from other brands such as Miu Miu and Chanel. I am willing to spend 700 USD on shoes but ONLY if they are well-made shoes. Unfortunately, the shoes that I saw today were poorly done as in the glue was on the actual side of the shoe and the bits where the sole and shoe join are done poorly . Has anyone else noticed this?

    It's super frustrating finding a pair of HOT HOT shoes and realizing that Payless probably has better QC. I'm rather upset and am even thinking of taking my business elsewhere (Zanotti or Choo's anyone?). I'm all for a pair of gorgeous, well designed shoes but I can't stand that the craftsmanship has gone down. :tdown: With the sudden increase in demand I guess the quality has gone down and I suppose I'm just sad and need to whine. :shame: Thanks for reading.

    cjy: this is why I have yet to buy the grease paint simples. I just don't see the point at this moment :sad:
  2. toiletduck, I have noticed problems with QC as well. I have found liners problems in Rolandos and bubbling in the patent leather.
  3. I havent had any problems so far and I have about 14-15 pairs I would be devastated if I experienced any of the QC issues many of you have mentioned. I wonder if its because I have been mainly purchasing 'older' styles that have been around for a few years.
  4. Sometimes i dont understand why i spend good $$ on these shoes when the soles are so crappy. They honestly are paper. I wear them once and they are destroyed on the bottom. I have Steve Madden shoes that hold up better. This is why i only buy the necessary CLs, i won't purchase just because they are there and i won't buy full price.
  5. That is my attitude as well. It also explains my small collection! But I just don't see the point of buying something that isn't of HIGHEST QUALITY, in line with the exorbitant price.
  6. I think *most* of my CL's (I have 7 pairs) are pretty good quality, but hands-down MB has better quality (which is probably why I have over 25 pairs of MB). I have a few satin MBs and they are exquisite. I had heard that CL was having some quality issues due to using new factories (trying to meet demand)!
  7. I am trying to start a manalo collection but there never seems to be any new styles posted! I only ordered the Lene D'orsay from Foot Candy, but their collection is not that big either.Where do you find them?? I know I want his Mary Jane, I think it would fit better. CL always seems to have something new, but MB not so much. Where do I look?? Thanks:popcorn: I will be waiting with baited breath!!
  8. I want Manalos too!! When we move in with LavenderIce we can share.

    I'm at the airport and starving but there's nothing good to eat. :blah:
  9. For "trendier" and attention-getting styles, Louboutin is the way to go. Although he does have classic designs (i.e., the Simple Pump), the eye-catching, out of this world styles are what makes Louboutin, well. . . Louboutin! ;)

    I am a Manolo devotee for classic, everyday wear shoes. The styles may not change all the time, but the comfort and wardrobe staple-ness of Manolos are well worth the price. I bought a pair of basic black Manolo pumps months ago, and have gotten so much wear out of those shoes. I love them :love: LOL I never thought I would love a pair of shoes more than my Asics trainers. I was wrong :p

    Don't get me wrong, I love Louboutin and own a pair of the Tiburon espadrilles. But I'm just giving my homeboy Manolo a proper shout out ;)
  10. Cristina, is the pic of your MB somewhere in this forum?
  11. These are the basic pumps I bought that are so comfortable :love: They are the "Blixa" style.

  12. cjy - I believe NM has one of the largest and strongest collections, they are MB's largest supplier. :yes:
  13. I hear you. I was inspecting my CLs and noticed that the black paint smudges on the red sole, on the left shoe, looks really sloppy. Like someone painted the sole in a hurry. Seems very strange for a pair that retails for over $600. Manolos are very well made, but I have to say, that I just got a pair of Casadei suede boots for $270 (on sale) at Macy's and I compared them to Manolo suede boots for over a grand (on sale!) and the quality is the same (all leather throughout, perfectly made) yet the price is vastly different. I think I am done with expensive footwear. Or at least never paying full price 'cause I don't feel I get my money's worth.
  14. I have to say the only thing I have ever had a problem with was the red patent vps that I pre-ordered from Saks where there was some bubbling of the patent. However, the patent CL uses is very soft so I think that's why it happens sometimes. Otherwise, I have never EVER had any problems. And, I'm very anal retentive. lol I inspect every shoe upon receiving them or buying them in store down to the soles.

    All of my pairs have held up very well and I have close to 40 pairs now.

    I agree that quality control should be better, but next time just inspect the pair you are going to purchase. Things happen and sometimes people don't do their job properly.

    And, I only own a few Manolos, but I agree that their quality is great. I won't be giving up my Loubies anytime soon though. :smile:
  15. WOW! 40 pairs??!!:drool::drool: