went to the chloe store today...

  1. and i saw my next bag (i think) - the new spring 07 chloe hobo in ecru. i wish i had some pictures to show you guys but i can't find any...
  2. Was it one of the ones that looks a little like Gucci, like a crescent shaped hobo?
  3. yes! it was different than the other chloe hobos i've seen.
  4. Sounds interesting! :biggrin:
  5. I think the line of bags is called Debbie. There are a bunch of them and they are pretty traditional looking, but the new, larger hobo in a sort of yellowish beige/ecru was being raved about by the SA's. The one I'm thinking of had contrasting leather trim. I had seen pix and not been interested at all, but at least a couple of these bags are really nice IRL. Not anything like the Paddy or Bay. NM had a bunch of them and some on-line.
  6. I saw these as well: the clasp is not fun to close :sad:

    Although the tabs don't hang too oddly when it's 'open' as I thought they might.
  7. i should have specified - the bag i saw was a paddington hobo (in my mind, chloe = paddington, even though that's not actually the case).
  8. Sorry! his was the only new hobo I had seen.
  9. honestly, im not too crazy about that hobo, i still prefer the older style with the padlock..