Went to the Chanel Pre-Fall/Fall 2007 Trunk Show!!

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  1. I will try my best to remember as much as I can. I wasn't able to get all of the names of the new bags so bear with me... (I wish I could've snuck in a few snap shots but I didn't think they would let me.) LOL

    There was a beautiful bag from the Bubble quilt line? It was almost in the shape of the bowling bag but completely different. The quilting on this bag is a little poofy. Gorgeous color, a shade of brownish, green. They had another bag from this line that was a shoulder bag, greenish. Cute!! This line will come out in a few other styles. All in the 2400++ price range. These looks so much better IRL. Pictures form the look book don't do it justice.

    Saw the new version of the cabas in vinyl. It has a huge flap. The bag was pretty big. Close to the size of the original cabas. It was okay. I think I prefer the original cabas and the baby cabas. Price was 1895. Not sure if this is part of the rock line.

    They had some patent leathers in a maroon/burgundy and black color. I think it is called the Rock line?

    They had the smocked bag in black.

    They had some new expandable bags. One had a kiss lock closure and really grew on me. Black with quilting. Cute!

    They had a timeless classic clutch in a bluish grey color.

    The Brooklyn line didn't really do anything for me. The one that looks like patchwork.

    The Sharpey tote was alright. They had the black one.

    They had 2 bags where the leather looks ruched, Astrakan line. The chanel rep said it was patterned after some type of fur? Not sure how to describe this bag.

    They had a grey bag (love the grey color) but I really didn't care for this style of bag. It had a flap but looked a little odd. The bag was more of a square shape.

    They had the modern chain tote and hobo style in Caviar! Pretty nice! I think the price was 2750 for the tote.

    They had a 2.55 bag with the metal and pearl chain in black. They didn't have the new metallic ones at the trunk show.

    There were some large caviar bags with caviar handles, no chains. Different sizes. Some could be small overnight bags. Didn't get the names of these.

    Lots and lots of new cute jewelry!!! Colored stones, bangles, necklaces, rings, cuffs, belts, pearl necklaces, etc... too many to describe.

    I added sweetsparkle's lookbook pics from her thread for reference...


    If I remember any others I'll make sure post. :yes:

    Has anyone else gone to the Fall trunk shows?
  2. Thanks for the great report sweetie! :biggrin:

    Did they have any classic flap bags? What colors?
  3. I recall from the pics that were recently posted the bag with the chain and pearl handle looked nice sans the over $3K price tag. Am waiting to hear about the turquoise bag. I love the color and hope the real deal doesn't disappoint. I think that fur you mentioned may be from lamb.

    Thanks for the recap! The shows in our area haven't taken place yet.
  4. Thanks

    In your opinion which Modern Chain Tote do you like better the one out now or the new tote at the show?
  5. Hi there! They didn't have any new classic flap bags at the trunk show but that doesn't mean there won't be any. I really didn't get to checkout the lookbook since everyone was trying to look at it too. Will have to go back. Wish they had more 2.55 bags to show.
  6. Hard to choose one over the other. I think the new MC is caviar leather so it does have a little shine to it compared to the original one. I guess it is a matter of preference. If I had to choose one, I would probably pick the original version (Is it calf skin?) only because I have other bags in caviar already. The inside lining was silver leather. Pretty nice, I really liked it. Hope that helped. :smile:
  7. Thanks Lainey!! :flowers: Did you attend the show at the boutique?
  8. Thanks for the review Lainey!
    Can't wait to see the new costume jewelry!
  9. MC tote in caviar? :nuts::drool: The expandable sounds gorgeous too! Thanks for the report, I can't wait until my trunk show now.
  10. thanks for the report, the MC tote in caviar sounds promising!!! and the timeless clutch in the bluey grey sounds yum too! Can't wait to see these IRL!
  11. SAKS(in PA) is havin their trunk show on MONDAY..I will let ya know what I think...Cant wait to see the bags!
  12. Great report - can't wait to see the goodies IRL.

    I am so addicted and all you ladies make it so fun!!!:smile:
  13. Lainey-thanks for the great info, there's so much to look forward to!! My DH isn't as grateful...
  14. Thanks for the great report! I can't wait to see these bags in person. Asktrakhan is also called Persian Lamb and is a very short, black silky fur with tight little curls. My grandmother had a coat years ago.
  15. Thanks for the 411....you did a great job!