Went to the Boutique yesterday..

  1. And exchanged some goodies.
    Exchanged the patent skinny for the hair scarf.
    Exchanged the clover for the smiley for a friend, will go buy two more charms next week.
    Still didn't get in the flats, nor would they give me a accessorie catalog, but they showed it through their in store catalog.
    What do you all think about the key pouch?
    And you already saw my little westie fob. :yes:
    A lovely coach night NOT.jpg A lovely coach night NOT2.jpg a LVOELY COIN POUCH.jpg
  2. those are the exact items i got!

    i don't use the hair ponytail scarf anymore though. its somewhere in my pockets looking very cute. but horrible on me! i guess it'll decorate a bag, macy's had a skinnier version that looked cute too -_________- grr

    the coin pouch i just use as a decoration. i've got the open heart keyfob paved with crystals? and a keyfob leveler from coach for both sets of my keys.

    honestly i just brought it cuz it looked cute :smile:
  3. ms- whitney AHHH we're totally on the same frequency here!
    Macys has a skinnier version of the striped hair scarf?!

    I also got the hair scarf becuase I thought with black hair it would look nice, but I'm not sure how it looks on me. I thought it would be longer too! Can't tie it into a bow.

    And the coin pouch I have no clue how I'm going to use this, especially since yesterday I also bought this..
    mj skinnny.jpg
  4. Wow, I'm loving the coin purse. I think the stripes are fantastic. Congrats.
  5. Very nice things. Love the striped coin purse!!
  6. yay you got the hair scarf!..I love the marc jacob wristlet!
  7. i love the hair scarf,i have dark hair and it looks great. love the coin purse, too.
  8. yup, macys do

    tried to see the price, it was tied onto one of the legacy bags

    no luck

    tried to get help in that area

    no luck

    so i have no idea how much, i just know it's skinner and the strips look different and it has coach 65th anniversary written on it in different font

  9. I love the stripes. Congrats on your new goodies.
  10. GORGEOUS! Love it all (the marc too!)
  11. Beautiful! LOVE that coin purse!
  12. Love them! Congrats!
  13. ^^Thanks all!!
  14. Cute!!
  15. love the hair scarf!