Went to the boutique today..

  1. Besides my crazy sprees in other dept. I picked up some things for my ROAK buddy :heart: and picked this little one up as well. I saw the look book and let it slip that I already saw the catalog..when its "top secret" around there when I questioned the coloring of one of the items. So I said someone already shipped it to me. :roflmfao: I WISH! So here's a little something to tide me till next week!


  2. AWWWW super cute! I love it!!!!
  3. hehe. last time i was in, the sa gave me a look like HOW ON EARTH DO YOU ALREADY KNOW ALL THIS?!

    tpf rocks, what can i say?!

    LOVE the keychain aarti! so cute!
  4. aarti, cute keychain!
  5. thanks girls! I think I'll convert it to a cell fob!
  6. So cute IRL too! It will make a cute cell charm!
  7. It's adorable! Congrats!
  8. aarti, I got so confused at those pictures! I didn't notice that you said you converted it and I was like "what the heck, where did this come from!?"
  9. Aarti, it's really cute and well worth the work! I am so tempted to start doing that with some of mine. Where did you get the little cell loop?
  10. Sprinkles you goof! :roflmfao:

    I actually have the westie cell fob, because I have a cutie myself, but its white, so I just keep it to have it, so I traded, so now it sits on the ring.

    But if you go to the outlet and get a cheap cell fob, you could just switch it as well.

    Now if I could only find someone who makes a dice cell fob... my cell and I could be pretty satisfied.
  11. Ladies at Coach couldn't get mine in and I was afraid they were gonna break my phone....(they were using this really big hanger type thing) I took it home, threaded a pieced of thread through the loop, then put the thread in the cell phone hole area and pulled really HARD and it finally went through, but it was tough.:yahoo:
  12. How cute!!
  13. That's so cute!
  14. Very cute!

    I've had to "play dumb" in my local boutique b/c the SAs are always trying to wow me with the next new thing coming out and inevitably, I've already read/seen pics of it here! Go tpf!