Went to the boutique today.....

  1. And got the Hamptons Signature Perforated Satchel in Brass/Khaki/White :yahoo: Does anyone else have this bag?? Love it? Hate it? How come? I love the style and the white really pops against that Khaki signature. The SA told me they now have a signature cleaner for $10.00 but I didnt buy any. I think baby wipes do a great job and my bags hardly ever get dirty.
  2. I don't have the bag, but I've seen it in stores and really liked the trim! Congrats!
  3. loveeeeeeeee it

    the shape and the color combo. my store sold out of it quick

  4. I got the last one they had with white trim. I almost got the vachetta trim but I'm not real fond of the way it wears. I didnt see the white one at first.
  5. congrats! post pics if you can!
  6. I love the khaki signature against the white trim too. Congrats!
  7. Love it!