Went to the Ala Moana Chanel Trunk Show...

  1. and saw the dark blue and khaki baby cabas and a 226 reissue with the color light red:shrugs: . At first glance at the 226 reissue the color that came to my mind was gold but when you look at it more it's actually kinda like rose gold color (I guess that's why it's called light red:lol: ). I really liked the khaki baby cabas and if I had to compare its color I'd have to say the closest color I can compare it to is the Bronze luxe color. [​IMG]
    It's definitely darker than the 2006 Bronze Reissue and has somewhat of a metallic sheen to it but not too much. The hardware is also bronze colored. The dark blue is not dark blue at all:confused1: . It's actually a very nice blue and would suit somebody who dresses in jeans most of the time--it looks very casual. The color of the dark blue that I can think of is the Hermes Blue Jean color [​IMG]

    but "muddier" and lighter-colored if that makes sense:shame: . I'm kinda bummed because Ala Moana Chanel didn't have the other Coco Cabas colors although they are getting the dark silver and the gold (one which is already reserved for). The SA still put me down for both just so I can see them when they come in. There were other bags there that I wasn't interested in because they were python and snakes and I don't go together:lol: .

  2. Did you happen to see any timeless chanel totebag?
  3. Thanks for the report! I can't wait to see the baby cabas in khaki!
  4. thaank u soo much for informing us ... they seem attractive ;)
  5. Thanks, Amy. My blue and bronze color recollections are quite similar to yours.
  6. Hey Amy thanks for the report. Are you thrilled with the baby cabas or can you "take it or leave it"?
  7. HI Amy! Thanks for the info! I am now even more excited to see the khaki baby cabas. I wish they would hurry it up a bit!
  8. Thanks so much for such a detailed explanation of color!! Can't wait!!
  9. Ooo! Thank you so much for the detailed report on colors! I'm on the list for khaki--so I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that I'll get one!

    Knowing that it's like the Luxury line bronze helps relieve some fears! Some SA's have told me it looks like copper--which means orangey to me!
  10. Oh now I have to see the khaki in person. Thanks for the report.