Went to Target this morning...

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  1. ...and came back with two bags. The green and white canvas hobo was on clearance for $4.98! The turquoise one was only $36.99 and it is made of real leather. I'm not expcecting either one of them to last forever, but I'm happy to add them to my collection. DH will be so happy to hear that I bought two bags and a bunch of groceries for less than I would usually spend on one bag.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [img=http://multipics.net/img_small/2538879,Picture002.jpg] [img=http://multipics.net/img_small/2538876,Picture001.jpg]
  2. Very cute! Love the green one!
  3. Very cute, congrats on your finds!!!
  4. oh the blue one is really cute! congrats on a great buy!
  5. I like the blue one too. I love target too.
  6. Love the print and colors on the green one! And I can't believe the second one is leather for that price, great score.