Went to SHORT HILLS,NJ LV.....

  1. Had a blast...despite torrential rain during an over 1 1/2 hour drive

    SHORT HILLS HAD WAY BETTER shoes than K of P..TONS of new shoes....floral patterns and ballerinas...flipflops galore...was in shoe heaven
    Got TAY a MC pouch to put in her new Prada pouchette..looks so cute
    SA was FRANK..LOVED HIM...he treated TAY amazing...gave her her own bag and was so adorable

    Here are my new brown ballerinas...called Marguerite..I beleive
    i ALSO ordered black flipflops in my size too....from cruise......hopefully they will come by WED...
    got a pair of choos too..heehee..LOVE SHOES!
  2. these r what I ordered...
  3. Frank the SA thought my 11 yr old was my...SISTER....ROFLMAO...LOVED HIM!HEHEHEHEH!
  4. The MC pouch is adorable! I have always wanted the GM version...great purchases.
  5. Fabulous finds! Congrats!!
  6. Frank is my SA too...I adore him...he's so cute!! Congrats on your great purchases!!
  7. I love anyone who says my 11-year old looks like my sister too! ;)
  8. Tay is a lucky girl. Congrats on your new shoes.
  9. Great haul :nuts: Congrats :smile:
  10. yay, congrats! Love all of it!
  11. LOVE those sandals you ordered!!! Congrats! :biggrin:
  12. Very nice! Congrats! :nuts:

    I have got to have that MC pouch. :love:
  13. great buys jill...I love those flats (they look pretty comfy!) and of course the MC pochette!
  14. Ahhh, I love short hills!!! CONGRATS Jill, LOVE everything!! Have you visited the garden state LV? they also have amazing service =)
  15. OMG!!! Love everything!!! Congrats!!!