Went to see the new Damier Speedy and

  1. they had the 30 and 25. The 25 looks so much smaller than the 30! I prefered the 25 cuz it looked cuter IMO. Not as cute as the Damier Belem PM but close. Does anyone else prefer the 25 over the 30?

    The SA said the prices didn't go up yet, but should in a couple weeks. FYI, this was the KoP LV store and she said they had a few Damier Speedies in stock in case you are looking. HTH.

    I didn't buy one.......yet :biggrin:
  2. I like the 30 better. The SA that helped me said June 12 and he thinks it's going to be around 4%..
  3. I prefer the 25.
  4. Hey Virgo-I live in the same shopping area..I got my Damier at the Saks LV in Bala Plaza,PA-they had a great selection there..I was surprised!
  5. PS- I thought the 25 was WAY tiny IRL! I got the 30
  6. me too... from all the pics ive seen i think the Daimer 25 looks so CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!
  7. I prefer the 25 over the 30 because I don't carry alot of stuff in my bags and it would be useless for me to have all that extra room when I don't need it.
  8. The 25 is perfect for me, I don't carry too much. When I need more room, I switch to my batignolles horizontal. My theory is...if I had a speedy 30 and needed all that room, then my bag would be too heavy to wear on my forearm. Just a theory.
  9. I need to 30. I carry way too much stuff to fit in a 25
  10. I prefer the 25 because the 30 is too big for me. However, 30 looks good for a travel carryall.
  11. I've always loved the size of the 30. The 25 just looks so tiny on me.
  12. 25 would have been too small on me. I still wish they'd made Cerises speedy in 30!!!
  13. ditto!!!
  14. I like the 30 size more then the 25 but they are bloth good.
  15. I prefer bigger bags so the 30 would be my pick.