Went to see the Coach jewelry IRL...

  1. I had a call earlier this week that it was in and couldn't wait to go have a look!

    I tried on the daphne charm bracelet...gorgeous but not sure it would work on a computer all day :confused1:.

    I LOVED the longer cross necklace and necklace with the periodic Coach and stone emblems (??) in them as well as the silver Coach logo bracelet, wow!!

    I'm just bummed the bangles don't fit me...HTH I have TEENY hands and wrists but I guess my pinky to thumb span is too wide for these beauties.

    Anyway I still have my heart set on a necklace or two :wlae:
  2. i really love the look of the cross necklace in the catalog too! can't wait to see it irl.
  3. I want this
    coach neck.jpg
  4. ^^same. jewelry in pce event?
  5. thanks for sharing! I've been wanting one of the bangles, but was worried they'd be too big and fall off my hands.
  6. I just saw them IRL too - they didn't have all the silver at the store I went to though - wish they did, I'm a white metals girl for jewelry. The jewelry is really nice & chunky/weighty - def see in person 1st - the charm bracelet was really pretty but charmes are BIG and would drive me bananas @ work.
  7. Every bangle i tried would have slipped right off:sad:
  8. I got my daphne charm bracelet yesterday. I wore it at work yesterday and today...and it does make some noise, but I haven't found it to be cumbersome while I'm at my keyboard...and I've had loads of compliments from people at work, and one mother stopped me on the way into my son's preschool today to admire it!!! :p
  9. I can't wait until paycheck so I can go buy some jewelry!
  10. awesome awesome, ella, so happy for you!! So did you find it easy to do the closure yourself? My SA put it on me so if I had considered buying it then and there I would have had to practice first on my own...
  11. SAME HERE. :true:

  12. It really is stunning - wish they had in silver - if they did I would have got it anyway because is is SO pretty - going to pay a visit to a diff store that has the silver. Liking the 2 silver snaphead bracelets they have.
  13. Oh me too!! I never wear yellow gold, so this doesn't match any of my jewelry, but it was so pretty I had to have it!!!
  14. my wrists are tiny too! i can't wear any of the coach bangles, they're all too big and bulky on me. :sad: so sad, because they're all so gorgeous!
  15. I can't wait until friday when my jewelry order comes in, I ordered the gold boyfriend ring...


    And the Boyfriend heart charm necklace...


    I don't wear silver much, as my wedding and birthstone rings are both in yellow gold and I usually have brass hardware on my bags also.