Went to San Francisco this weekend....

  1. sf.jpg

    such a nice, big, beautiful store. It was Saturday and it was PACKED with people. The SA that was helping me out with some of the jewelry and bags dissappeared to help someone with an exchange :confused1: and I was left standing there at the counter waiting for her. After about 10 - 15 minutes (she never came back!) I finally had to get another SA to finish choosing what I wanted. My poor DH finally went outside to smoke his pipe and ended up calling me on my cell phone at one point to see if she ever came back. I was a little miffed to say the least. It kinda put me in a funk and nothing really looked that good to me anymore. The SA that ended up taking over was telling me, "I'm so sorry she left you like that, she's new, would you like a drink, blah blah blah." So all I ended up getting was one of the new rings....

    lv ring.jpg

    saw the black neo denim cabby but you would be proud of me, I walked away....love my ring though!
  2. Cute ring! I can't believe you walked away from the cabby, LOL! Congrats!!
  3. I know I'll regret it. I think it was the GM though, would prefer the MM.
  4. that ring looks so good on, i imagined it would be bigger.
  5. wow, i was there on sunday! haha, how funny! yea, the customer service at the SF LV isn't that great. i've been in there twice, and both times the SA's service were mediocre.
  6. I thought so too when I saw the photos. They had the matching bracelet, earrings and phone lanyard too. But I didn't want to look like an LV ad....I may pick up the bracelet though, really petite and cute like the ring.
  7. Yes, they seemed a little overwhelmed and disorganized. And the security guys thought they were all James Bond. :rolleyes:
  8. By the way, the SA that did end up helping me and tried very hard to make my experience a positive one was named Liz. So hats off to her and I highly recommend her if you visit the store.
  9. Too funny...but so true! I've been to this store once and had a similar experience...some SAs were overwhelmed while others at other stations had nothing to do. You figure they would move over to the other stations to help.
  10. Cute ring! Congrats!
  11. Congrats!!
    I love your a La Folie Ring !!!!!!!!!
  12. Congrats with your ring! :smile:
  13. Cute!! Congrats!
  14. The a La Folie ring is cute! I still have to get a call about this! (And the silver sweet monogram ring too...:sweatdrop:)
  15. Very nice ring. Congrats!